Walking Like A Zombie

Ever since I ran across the big spider….


I have been on the lookout for him everywhere.

Here’s the third web he built.


By the way, do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a spider web in the daylight?

Then I tore it down. Cause it was right in my walkway, again.


I tell you, he’s after something big, judging by the size of his web.

But everywhere I go now, I see spider webs. Like this one on the porch.


I took that one at night.

And then Boo is pointing out spiders to me.


Everytime I walk into an unnoticed spider web, I start looking for the big guy.

And then when I must go outside at night, when the lighting is poor, I’m walking like a zombie, with my arms going up and down in front of me. Hoping to catch a spider web before I walk into it.

That thing really creeped me out.

Do you think I need counseling? tee hee


16 comments on “Walking Like A Zombie

  1. Ick. I swipe at webs everytime I leave my house in the morning. They make them in my path inbetween the porch rails. I try not to think about what’s attached to them as I’m doing it.

  2. I walk through spider webs all the time. My son is like you when it comes to spiders….don’t spend your money on counseling, your blogging buddies will help you..LOL

  3. Oh girl, I detest them. You are way braver than me to be taking pictures of them and such. I’d be running (screaming) in the opposite direction!
    Awesome pictures, by the way!

  4. hilarious walkink like a zombie… I am begining to think he is waiting for you Becky! Better really watch out hope he doesn’t call his family in!

  5. He’s scary! We’re having a spider year here to. I’ve told them and told them that they are not allowed to live on my deck this year, so I sweep them down and their back the next day. Bunch of creeps!

  6. No, you don’t need counseling, just carry a light weight broom with you and keep it waving in front of you, that way if it hits a web, it will be on the broom and not on you. Personally I wouldn’t be walking around out there once it gets dark.

  7. I’m with Patty-I think I’d carry a broom with me and wave it like crazy! Seems I’ve been seeing a lot of spiders this summer too-maybe it’s the year of the spider.

  8. Oh, Becky……you made me laugh…..I can see you in my mind…..walking like that……but….hey…..I don’t blame you one bit…..I’d do the same thing.

  9. Becky: What a great shot of the spider from outer space. Have you seen his buddy the snake yet. Be very careful with that Zombie walk. Once it starts it’s just tooooo late.
    My daughter had that second one on her porch and just let it be. Of course, she now also does the Zombie walk. LOL

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