Monday Report – Week 12

Not a whole lot to tell this week.

My cucumbers are starting to die out. The heat and very little rain are contributing to their early departure.


But, living where the growing season is long, I will be replanting them soon.

And praying for rain!!

This looooong period with little rain is really taking a toll on my garden.

Premature ripening can be a problem.

This pumpkin is orange way too early.


The cantelope vines are really struggling.


I thought I was going to lose my pepper plants. But they are starting to turn green again. So there’s still a little hope.


The tomatoes are producing tomatoes. But the skins are tough. I think, due to the lack of rain.


It’s either feast or famine here in the south. First we were inundated with constant rain. Now…….very little of that water fortified with vitamin G.

My lilly show is just about over.


I love these colorful bits of beauty.


I hope your garden is doing better than mine.

10 comments on “Monday Report – Week 12

  1. Living where I live if my cukes were looking like yours I would be UPSET!

    Just wondering….don’t you water your garden?

    Stop in and visit my farm soon! 🙂 Have a great day.

  2. Nope, it sure itsn’t. Our growing season is so much shorter than yours that we are just now getting buds on the tomato plants, but, like you, no rain. I water a little from the house, but there isn’t any irrigation water here, so it’s too expensive to water to much from the house. It’s actually raining this morning. Hope it’s enough to give them a boost and hoping you get some rain soon as well.

  3. I see someone else asked what I was going to ask, do you ever water them? Abe thinks his flowers and things need watered, even if it rained the day before. Unless we had lots and lots of rain.

  4. I’m hoping you get some rain soon! We had a pretty good rain over the weekend-which tremendouls helped my garden. Nothing like rain to help-well unless it’s too much : ) Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. I’m guessing it’s at least a month to tomatoes for me.Longer for peppers.Trials of the Southwest. And my tiny garden wouldn’t exist without watering every other day.

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