9 comments on “Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo XI

  1. I sooo totally agree..that looks like my entire yard. That is why nothing has a chance of surviving if it hits the ground. Including me! I will sign your protest !!!

  2. I use that once a year fireant killer and it does the job. Of course I just have a yard, it wouldn’t be the thing to do for a whole farm. Wow, I can’t even conceive how much that would cost!

    I am convinced that Columbia sits on one gigantic fireant colony.

  3. I can remember when I was a little girl…..out in the yard in the grass….barefoot…..I felt something biting my feet…..I looked down and it looked like I had on red shoes….my feet were covered with red ants! Boy did I do some screaming and dancing around. Ever since that incident I was always on the lookout for red ants to make sure I didn’t step in their territory again.

  4. I would or could not get used to that biting. It would drive me to distraction. I would assume they can’t live underwater. I would build a dam and flood the part where they live. I would guess that would be a safe way of dealing with them. If it is a farm and I think it is, then the only thing I would or could do would be sell and let the next guy deal with them ants.

  5. Oh my goodness! I SO HATE fire ants!!! They always bite the heck out of me. You should see my legs and feet there are scars everywhere all summer long. We get two acres treated for them and that helps pretty good, but some nests still pop up here and there. We can’t pay to have it all treated or I would. Go a couple hours above you and you won’t really find them. We used to live right above Charlotte and didn’t have any at all, it was so nice.

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