Monday Report – Week 11

I have stopped pinching off the blooms on my tomato plants.

Except for the two yellow tomato plants. They are smaller than the rest and seem to be struggling a bit.

Last week, I told you about how wet the ground has been staying and it’s been taking a toll on my tomato plants.

So, when I started trimming the lower leaves, I found all kinds of tomatoes that had been hiding. I can’t bring myself to pick them.


Soon, we’ll have fresh tomatoes to go with our fresh cucumbers.

While I was out inspecting the tomato plants, look what I found.

An alien, an intruder………


I’ve not seen one of these things before.

Have you?

I had to do some studying up on them.

On first inspection, I concluded it was a tomato hornworm. But according to Wikipedia, this is a tobacco hornworm.

They are very similar. Easily distinguishable by the horn on their tail end.

They eat the foilage from your plants.

So I had to find a new home for him, far away from my garden.

Honestly, the reason I picked the whole stem he was on is because of that horn. I wasn’t sure if he stings with that thing or it is just an ornament.

So, if your tomato plants look as if something is eating their leaves, be on the lookout for this hornworm.

They are hard to spot as they blend in quite well.

But, I have read that they are easy to find at night.

Seems they glow under a blacklight.

Neon worms……

Who woulda thunk it?



17 comments on “Monday Report – Week 11

  1. That’s an interesting looking fellow there. Maybe I should inspect our tomato plants a little closer.

    We haven’t had rain in weeks now. My garden isn’t looking too good. We live in the sandhills, and I don’t think I’ve got the watering figured out for our area yet. It’s our first garden, so I’m still learning.

    Thanks for your kind words about my nephew. My sister-in-law said they did pretty good at the fundraiser. I didn’t even realize when I left a comment that you lived near us. Very cool!

  2. We’ve had a lot of experience with your visitor! We used to grow tobacco and were always on the lookout for them. They also love to eat dill, so look for him there too.

    Picking the whole stem sounds like a good idea to me! Although hornworms don’t sting, they just feel kind of squishy and icky. We stomped them when we found them because they are so destructive, but I agree that they are quite interesting to see–the green and orange is so vivid. Alien-like indeed!

  3. Yes, I have seen creatures similar to that one..they do love to enhale the fruit trees and mato plants. I do like you move them….but my mama…she has a totally different approach!

  4. Maybe thats what it was glowing on the ground on our land! Though they weren’t near that big and they were with the glowing tree roots! Still haven’t figured out what that was

  5. I HATE these things. (They are the same, usually–just called different things in different regions.) They can eat a plant entirely in a couple of days. One killed one of my heirloom tomatoes this year. NOT happy. They are the most disgusting things I can think of. (I fed one to a Black Widow once. She didn’t even want the second one I tried to feed her.) I always rip off the whole branch, too, because I couldn’t bear to touch one. The most digusting/fascinating thing I’ve ever seen in my life was a preying mantis eating one. It took a couple of hours, and the thing never completely died until the very end, but it was NOT so fat after a while.

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