Sign Experiment – Phase 2

Earlier this week, we began an experiment. In case you missed phase one,

 here’s the link.

Following Tipper’s instructions…..


I planted the second batch of corn seeds.


Your gonna love this.

I almost forgot to plant on the 26th. So it was dark when I actually put the seeds in the ground.


Don’t ya just love the flashlight? 🙄


Now the waiting and watering begin.

Personally, I’m cheering for the sign method. There has to be some truth to this for our ancestors to follow this so closely, for so many years.

Stay tuned for futher updates in the future, as we track the progress of the sign experiment.


9 comments on “Sign Experiment – Phase 2

  1. People spend a lot of money for rocks around here, especially the big ones.

    Your area has probably grown accustomed to those rocks and it might do more hard to your environment than good to move most of them. I would guess things are thriving like they are. And, remember how much some folks spend to have one or two rocks. You have a small Fort Knox there around your trees.

  2. Hey, Becky… I did get mine planted during the daylight hours, though I had a panic attack on the evening on the 25th thinking that was the day until I checked the calendar. I guess you and I are alike when we say we will do something we try hard to ‘git ‘er done’.


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