Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo X

Told ya we grow rocks!


Been thinking of putting a sign out beside the road that reads….



Do you think people will be beating down my door to get those rocks?

13 comments on “Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo X

  1. Becky: I always like a rock for my garden, do your rocks vary in size or do you just sale the fully grown ones. In the Northeast the farmers made fences from all the rocks in their fields. Tell Captain that idea.

  2. That’s really cool, I love rocks too, I steal one everywhere I go, I mean pick up one..LOL This must mean the mountains aren’t too far from you huh! I have made koi ponds with rocks, rock gardens with rocks… I have hauled some rocks. I recently landscaped a small bed with them..hince the back! So, yea send me some..LOL if I drove by and saw a sign like that I would have to stop.

  3. Call a landscaping place and see if they might be interested. You also might be surprised how many might stop for a free rock, if they can move one.

  4. Do you do mail order? What would the shipping cost be on one of those suckers?

    I collect rocks, but not too many of them are bigger than the palm of my hand.

  5. Believe it or not, large rocks cost a fortune. There are lawsuits in eastern Tennessee about whether or not the rocks are considered under “mineral rights.” If the mineral rights have been sold, some people think that gives them the right to dig and haul off rocks.

    We have a local person who sells rocks. His sign says, “Rock for Sale…Dirt Cheap.”

  6. Boy, Becky, I bet you didn’t know everyone would be wanting your rocks. Well, I love rocks, too. Saw lots of them when we were on vacation.

  7. It’s always so unfortunate that the places that have rocks and real dirt and the places that need those things are SO. FAR. APART. from one another. People buy rocks here.

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