Disgruntled Cat

 Occasionally, with camera in hand, I come upon something unusual.

Such as this cat.


There is a dirt road that goes past my house, leading to the back part of our land.

And this cat was ambling down this dirt road. I have no idea who he belongs to or where he was going.

But he seemed a little surprised when he heard the shutter release on my camera.


And then a little irritated that I had interrupted his stroll.


Just as he got to the gate he heard something in the weeds and decided to investigate.



Then gave me another “look” for disturbing his hunt.

13 comments on “Disgruntled Cat

  1. Becky: How in the world did my cat get down there? Would you let him know I’m looking for him and if he lost his way home to stop and ask directions. You know how we guys are.

  2. If that had been me coming across that cat, he would have glared at me in a menacing way, sending me running for cover! 🙂

  3. Cats have a mind of their own. If you had called to it and offered some food, he would have ignored you, where as a dog would come running, if he hadn’t been mistreated in the past by someone.
    I hope either our daughter or her son left you a message about the iPods.

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