Monday Report – Week 10

Rain is good for a garden. But too much rain can wreak havoc on it, too.

Can cause root rot and the constant moisture can cause disease on the plants, such as tomato blight.

Which is the case for my tomato plants.

It started with the plants wilting.



Then the lower leaves started turning yellow.



I purposely haven’t added grass clippings around the plants because of all the rain.

They didn’t need any help keeping moisture.

We are currently having a heat wave with temperatures in the 90’s and the heat index above 100.

With no rain forecast in sight.

So I started by trimming all the dying leaves off my tomatoe plants, then tying them up again. Tying them up is an ongoing process as they grow.

Then I added grass clippings around and in between the plants.

Now is the time to hold in the moisture and it helps with weed control.

But I must say, they look a little hmmm……..well…….naked.


Don’t you think?

I also trimmed all the lower leaves from all the plants. The ones touching the ground are where disease begins on the plants.

On the bright side though, the plants that I bought are the ones taking the biggest hit.

The plants that I started from seed are doing well.

June 20, 2009 013

I think they look so much nicer with the grass clippings around them.

Normally, my tomato plants look more like a bush than a plant.

But this year…..well, I just hope they still produce tomatoes.

I am still pinching off blooms to let the plants get more established. I spend about a half an hour every other day pinching them off. I’ll let them start producing tomatoes when the plant is atleast waist high.

And with all the blooming they are doing, I think they will be just fine.

So how is your garden growing?

11 comments on “Monday Report – Week 10

  1. My tomatoes are half this size! I didn’t have a chance to plant as early as I liked, and I immediately left so they had no care but water. No matter what condiitions you have, you will have tomatoes sooner than me, longer than me, and more-per-plant than me. But I live in the desert, so I’m happy I can get any!

  2. My four tomato plants are over on the ground or laying up against the board fence. They are on the south side of the fence and the sun hits them most of the day. So this is the first time I have not had diseases and while we have had a lot of rain this year, it has not affected them. There are nice green tomatoes on all four plants.

  3. That’s a bummer about your tomato plants. I hope they come out of it. And thanks for sharing all of that information, I had no idea about any of it!!!

  4. My garden is pretty pitiful. Just too much rain. I had to cut off the bottom leaves of mine also because they had turned yellow. I didn’t pinch off the blooms and some already have little tomatoes on them, My pepper plants are so not growing….I need to give them some more Miracle Grow. The squash are blooming and starting to produce. The cucumbers are blooming also. I’m hoping my garden survives because I am eating a lot of veggies now and am so looking forward to some “good” tomatoes….the store bought ones are just not what I call good tomatoes.

  5. We don’t have a garden, but growers are having the same problems here. The wet soil is especially bad for the tomatoes and almost daily rain is keeping them from being able to work their gardens.

  6. my tomato plants are making vines, lush thick vines and not much tomatoes. we need rain. it’s hot and I’m watering to keep them from wilting todeath. when i lived in Ca it seemed so easy to grow tomatoes and out here it seems so hard. last year we grew a 6 ft tall vine 6 ft wide and not a tomato on it.

  7. I’m sorry-last year not enough rain-now you’ve got to much! Hopefully the plants will still pull through for you. This heat wave we’re having should dry them out good.

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