Rest Of Us Rednecks

When our oldest son moved away, he left a few things he no longer needed or just didn’t have room to move.

Among those things was a hot tub that was given to him.

It needed work. He fooled with it a little before he left, but he just didn’t have time to spend looking for leaks and such.

So, when he left he gave it to The Captain.

Before I go any further, I cannot relate to you all the things around here that need fixing. My husband is a handyman. He’s always fiddling with something trying to make it work. And he usually figures out the problem and repairs it.

This hot tub had a few leaks and the heater didn’t work.

But you know My Captain. He quickly found the leaks and made a trip to the local home improvement store.

Before I show you a picture, let me explain that we, here on the farm, are true country.

Okay, we’re rednecks.

You gotta love us or hate us. But we like things the way they are.

Sure, we would like to be filthy rich and have the ability to go buy brand new things.

But we’re not and we can’t.

So, we fix things.

My Captain is in heaven in his little hot tub. Can you tell?


Surrounded by all the things he loves.


And we’re raising our son to be true to his roots.


Yep, the apple don’t fall far from the tree.

Now, when our oldest son comes to visit he can sit  and relax like the rest of us rednecks.

We’re looking forward to it.


15 comments on “Rest Of Us Rednecks

  1. Becky you made my day. Just something about seeing the Captain lounging in his hot tub with everything loved around him made me feel like we must be long lost family. I swear that could be my husband out there or for sure one of my brothers. Too funny.

  2. Becky you are too funny. I say more power to the Captain and aren’t you lucky to have a handyman living at your house. Now rednecks. I saw a photo someone had sent me, showin g how some renecks fixed up a hot tub and it was nothing like yours. In fact I don’t know what kept the people in it from getting electrocuted. Enjoy every minute in there.

  3. OOOOH I am so jealous..the first one is the best one with the horses in the immediate back gound. God love ya woman!! Then the tractor…damn if my dreams ever come true I am coming back as you…LOL HOW cool is that. Nothing better after a real hard day on the real farm…only think missing is a drink :-)) but that is after the boy goes to sleep eh!
    I think it is totally fabulous and the oldest will be wanting it back soon..LOL

  4. Here’s to rednecks….some of the happiest people on earth. Ask me, I know! I love your son’s farmer tan! Great Americans is what you all are!

  5. hee hee. I love it!! Mr. C is a handyman-type too so there’s all sorts of things that he’s in the middle of fixing or tinkering with!

    And a hottub is a hottub, no matter where you put it! 🙂

  6. I love it! Can’t think of much better than lounging in the hottub and keeping on eye on the John Deere at the same time. I acknowledged my redneck roots many many years ago, so I can’t see anything wrong with this at all and am tickled that the hot tub isn’t just heating up over an open – fire. Now THAT would be redneck!

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