Monday Report – Week 9

Everyday, I visit my garden atleast once.

And everyday I diligently pinch off the tomato blooms.

I like to let the tomatoes get about waist high before I let them start producing tomatoes. Just to let the plant get more established and hardy.

Somehow, this one got past me…….


Sneaky little booger!

On a lighter note….

We ate, or should I say devoured, our first fresh cucumber this weekend.


It has become a tradition with The Captain and I to share the first cucumber of the year.


It was delicious! And just left me hankering for more.

Boo wasn’t in on the “first cucumber of the year” festivities, simply because he won’t eat a cucumber.

I don’t know what’s wrong with that kid. I’m beginning to wonder if he wasn’t switched at birth.

I wish I could “talk up” foods like my Dad did when I was a kid.

He could “talk up” something so well, your mouth would be watering by the time he had it peeled and ready to eat.

Somehow that skill was not passed on to me.

So, have you enjoyed anything from your garden yet?


10 comments on “Monday Report – Week 9

  1. Oh you are so lucky–a yummy cucumber from your garden! Ours won’tt be here for a month or so. (you are a little warmer there 😉 We all share our first cuke too…but we split between the five of us! Have a great week!

  2. I didn’t eat cucumbers either till I was an adult. You veggies do look good. So, that is the secret to tomatos..I must pass that on to my sister :-))

  3. Squash. Yellow crook neck. But I can’t really say it was out of my garden. Carol planted some yellow squash and some zucchini and tomatoes in some big tubs that she can tend from her wheelchair. She got them in about two weeks before I got the rest planted in the big garden. Anyhow… her squash is looking good and tasting very good. How come it tastes so much better when it’s something you’ve grown? I guess because it’s something you’ve grown.


  4. We haven’t really had anything from our garden yet. We have lettuce and onions big enough to eat, but haven’t ate any yet. When your tomatoes get ripe, try a tomato, cucumber and mayo (of course, I use light miracle whip) sandwich. They’re delicious!

  5. squashes of several varieties and what about the leaves dying off under those plants do you cut them off? MY hunny and I were discussing this today.
    do you pick off the fowers from eggplant until they get big? My plants are flowering and there is no way they could hold an eggplant. The heat may get them anyway.

  6. ps and herbs and greens, I planted some kind of mesclun mix and one of them is like a spinach which I have been cutting up and cooking. We will never have it again, BECAUSE I don’t know what it is exactly! The basil and cilantro are thick as theives.

  7. Nothing like a cucumber straight from the garden! We’ve had peas, onions, and other spring things. But I’m longing for squash, cukes, and tomatoes!

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