Team Fencepost – Question and Answers 2

A while ago, I wrote a post called questions and answers.

I think we all had fun answering and asking eachother questions.

Why don’t we do that again?

Whaddya say?

For those of you who weren’t here with us then, this is how it goes………

I’ll ask a question…

In the comments the reader is to answer my question and pose a question to the next reader.

The next reader aswers the previous commentors question and poses a question to the next reader.

And so on.

This can continue as long a people keep coming back to this post.

Keep it clean, nice and not too personal.

Any comment or question that is unnacceptable, WILL BE DELETED!!

This is just for fun. Let’s keep it that way.

Just to get your mind thinking, here are some ideas.

You could ask favorite color, holiday, food, sport, movie star, music…

Or ask about a dream vacation past or future.

Someone you admire.

Most favorite or least favorite food.

Okay, here we go, I can’t wait to hear your questions and answers.

My question to you is…..

How tall is the grass in your yard?


Oh, about 6 inches. It’s either raining or too wet to mow.

So, it just keeps soaking up that vitamin “G” and getting taller by the day.

I’m sure when I finally get to mow, I’ll probably have to mow twice cause it’ll be so thick.

But I’m not complaining, no sir. We can use all the rain we can get here in the South where drought conditions loom over us all summer.

Your turn!

9 comments on “Team Fencepost – Question and Answers 2

  1. Well, my lawn has recently been mowed… it isn’t very long at all. However the front lawn is covered in leaves from the weeping cherry tree undressing for winter!!
    Speaking of dressing……………. describe your most favourite outfit……past or present 🙂 …. and the reasons it is your favourite…..might be that you wore it to something that holds special memories or that it makes you feel on top of the world………………..

  2. my most favorite outfit was when I was about 6 years old and could wear Carter’s corderoys and PF flyer tennis shoes. I seriously remember wearing Carter’s as a kid and loving how soft the fabrics were. It all started as a little kid and those little snappers on the jammies….ok so what is one of your childhood memories?

  3. My favorite childhood memory has to be going to the Shenango River to swim with only the boys. It was a guy thing and no girls were allowed. We skinny dipped and you never had to worry about what you had to wear. Think of doing that today!! Can you say law suit waiting to happen. We also did that in the junior high school pool.

    When did you realize that your spouse was the right one for you?

  4. I’d have to say I must have known from the very beginning.
    We were introduced on a blind date by my friend and the guy she was dating at the time. It was college and they met me after my night biology class. Two car loads of us went out for a late night snack and later played pool at the Student Union. We’ve been together since that night and will celebrate our 35 wedding anniversary in December.
    Love at first sight!

  5. Since Carletta forgot to ask a question-I’ll go back to yours Becky. My grass is nice and short-cause my sweetie pie hubby just mowed it 🙂

    My question: What did you have for supper yesterday?

  6. Oops, sorry Tipper (and Becky). I came back to see how this was going so I’ll have to redeem myself. First, last night’s supper was breakfast. Yep, I could eat breakfast three times a day. So last night for dinner I had scrambled eggs, and butter and toast and a cup of coffee.

    My question: I know it’s hard to choose; but would you rather watch a sunrise or a sunset and why?

  7. Carletta: That ends up being an easy question, sort of. I only get a good sunrise where I live so I say sunrise but. This is a big but, if I’m at a place that I see a sunset on a lake, I’d take that any day.

    ? – Are you a morning or evening person?

  8. I’m definately an evening person. I could sleep all day and stay up all evening if my family did the same! It also helps that I work 3rd shift at a hospital!

    What is your favorite dessert?

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