Kids Need Dirt

A couple of weeks ago, The Captain went over to a friend’s house to help out with some remodeling.

He spent the day working and came home with a new toy for Boo.

Our friend’s son had outgrown it and it was not running and taking up space in their garage.

The Captain is a minor league horse trader. Catch my drift? He can talk anyone out of or into anything.

He talked our friend right out of this new boy toy. And believe me….Boo has enjoyed every bit of the talking his dad had to do to get it.

Oh, here he comes…….


Look out!


He is having a blast with his new toy.


It’s a smaller Yamaha four wheel ATV. Just the right size for him to learn to ride one.

Actually, it’s almost too small. Being he’s almost 6′ tall and isn’t even a teenager yet.


With all the rain we’ve been having, the kid stays covered in mud. Slinging muddy rooster tails and splitting mud puddles wide open.

But, as we all know, kids need dirt to grow. Whether dry or wet, they need dirt.

Me, on the other hand, I’m on pins and needles the whole time he’s riding.

YES! I’m a worrier. I can’t help it.

It’s a mother’s job.


8 comments on “Kids Need Dirt

  1. Four wheelers are allot of fun. We use them for irrigating & chasing cows. It’s kind of like everything you would have used a horse for in the olden days can be done on a four wheeler.

  2. Yes, boys need dirt. My son started out with a go cart, then 2 different motorcycles. He doesn’t ride them much any more. I’m a worrier too, I’m glad he never got a 4 wheeler.

  3. dirt + boy = happy boy. And starting with a smaller one is good. I see so many children riding 4-wheelers that are too big and too powerful, perfect recipe for a bad accident.

    Your son looks so happy!

  4. That is so awesome! I bet Boo is having a ball on that thing. Way to go, Captain! And you are 100% right, kids absolutely need dirt!

  5. Well looks like he’s wearing a helmet, so that’s good. The only other thing you could possible do is make him attach pillows all over his body in case he falls off, but I doubt he would like that, and then you would have dirty pillows in addition to his dirty clothes and body. LOL I’m sure his Father gave him instructions on how to ride the thing, but then I remember the post of you telling about the ride your husband took you on a week or so ago in that sporty little car, so perhaps you need to give Boo some instructions. And pray a lot.

  6. Looks like he is having a lot of fun!!! I know I like to play in the dirt too!!! Lol !!! If I win one I actually get a mud bath. Not many girls that look forward to that!!!

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