A Bit Too Windy

A couple of weeks ago we went to help crew for a hot air balloon tethered event at a local daycare.


They usually have plenty of help.


Sometimes not.


It just depends on people’s schedules.

See my Captain, way back there at the other end of the balloon? He looks busy.


Not so much here.


The kiddies didn’t come out soon enough for the rides, so we had to let the air out and hold it down until they were ready.

The Captain is hanging on to the top of the balloon……


until it’s filled with air and then the air heated, to make it rise.


Which is what is taking place here….


The pilot is heating the air and the balloon is rising.

Now, it’s fully verticle.


There was a storm moving in and the wind was picking up a bit. As you can see the way it is blowing the balloon in this picture.


And here…..


And here…..


When the wind is blowing it is dangerous for the balloon and the occupants. Even though it was tethered, it makes for rough landings and can cause the balloon to be pushed into the flame as the pilot heats the air inside the balloon. Which would make the balloon go up in flames.

We didn’t get to take anyone up in the balloon due to the windy conditions.

But all the little ones did enjoy watching the balloon inflate and rise.

They’ll be rescheduling at a later date this summer.

And we’ll look forward to helping Eagles Wings with another tethered event.


12 comments on “A Bit Too Windy

  1. Have you been up in one? I haven’t, but it looks like lots of fun. Scary, but fun.
    I love the one of the captain laying on the balloon!

  2. I have always wanted to go up in a balloon. What great fun and your captain made me laugh…that photo of him laying on top of the balloon was great. It looks like he is just getting ready to take a nap.

  3. We went up in one once. Just straight up and straight back down. It was kind of neat up high looking down. Maybe it won’t be so windy next time.

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