Saucy Sunday – Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes?

This is my favorite kind. Although, my pancake tasting has been limited. I’ve heard you talk about blueberry pancakes before and am determined to try them.


I grew up on this kind of pancake mix.

The grocers don’t sell them here, so I have to order them from the warehouse.

I make them by following the directions on the package.


Except, I add flour in a two to one ratio. That’s two parts mix to one part flour.


Instead of using milk, I use powdered milk. I just put all the dry ingredients in there, mix it well then add the water and oil.


I spray the pan with cooking spray and wait till it gets hot before adding the pancake batter.


Wait till it starts bubbling on top….


and then flip it.


Let ’em stack up tall. Light and fluffy.


Now, if this doesn’t get you hankering for a pancake with gobs of butter and smothered in syrup…..


I don’t know what will.


9 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Pancakes

  1. Yes, we love pancakes, too. My son, Andrew, wants them most often. I use bisquick to make mine with. When your blueberries get ripe, you will have to put some in your mix!

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