One Down

Did you read yesterday’s post?


Scroll down there and see if you can guess what the pictures represent.

Did you guess?

For one month shy of one year, The Captain has worked and stressed over this tractor.


He has taken the motor out and sent it off to be rebuilt.

Brought it home, started putting it back together, ran into a problem, loaded it up and took it back.

They had installed the wrong part. They fixed that problem quickly. He brought it back home and went to work.

Between The Captain working long hours,  and misc. other monkey wrenches, it has taken a long time to complete.

It’s a hurry up and wait situation. Wait for this or that to be repaired, wait to save the money, wait for the rain to stop……

While the motor was off at the motor doctor, The Captain was sanding and painting. Getting it ready for all the work to be done around the farm.

This is the culprit.


A spun bearing caused all the damage to the motor, causing the need for the rebuild.

After replacing the battery, the starter, hoses and misc. other things, it’s all back together.

This is the first experience The Captain has had with working on a diesel engine.

And he did a great job.

Would you look at that…..


It’s running!!!!

Better than we’ve ever heard it run before.

Actually, we (The Captain and I) did a happy dance right there beside the tractor. Wish you could have seen us. I promise it would have made you giggle.

Nothing more exciting than a BIG project completed.

When you live on a farm, a tractor is not a necessity, it just makes the work a whole lot easier.

No more rolling large round bales of hay off the back of the truck. Have you ever tried to roll a large hay bale? We’ll use the hay fork on the tractor to move them around.

No more hand digging post holes with the post hole diggers. We’ll use the auger. It just makes things so much easier when you can let the tractor to all the hard work.

When he got it completed, he had to take it for a spin.

Here’s proof…..


Now the problem becomes….

Which big project do we start next?

So many things have been waiting to be done, upon the completion of the tractor.

Sometimes, when you have so many things to be done, it’s hard to decide where to start.

But, we are in go mode.

One down,

999, 999 to go.

8 comments on “One Down

  1. awesome and ride it on over girl and cut me a garden .LOL
    that is a lot of work I have watched my pop work on his and his old cars.. a lot of heavy hard work. Kudos to the captain and you 🙂

  2. Living in the country, having someone around who knows his way around fixing things REALLY helps out!!

    I’m impressed that you guys got the tractor working again, that’s a lot of parts and doo-dads! 🙂

  3. Tractor looks terrific, I like the color blue. Take it easy, one job at a time, don’t try to overdo the tasks and get burned out before you get everything completed. Remember the old saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day, what ever that might mean. LOL Happy trails to you.

  4. Thats great, that you got the tractor fixed. I can’t even budge a round bale. We use the tractor for lot’s of things & realy couldn’t run the farm without one.

  5. cool… so does this mean you can send him over here and help me for awhile?j/k. i have 999,999 things to do also, and not enough time to do them in!!! slowly but surely

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