Monday Report – Week 7

With all this rain we’ve been having the garden has been flourishing.


Unfortunately, so have the weeds.

I can water and water and it just doesn’t do what the rain can do.

I believe that God puts something special in the rain to make things grow.

You know, his own special miracle grow stuff. I’ll call it vitamin G.

Look how big the leaves on the zucchini have gotten…..


The green beans are starting to climb…..


Most of my green beans didn’t come up. So I had to pre-sprout more seeds and replant them. They are doing great.

And I believe I have blueberries. Yay!!


And in case you were wondering about the herbs I planted…..


They are really slow growers.

Last Friday, I looked outside to find this…..


I have no idea what happened. The other three pots were in their respective spots on the porch bannister.

So the thyme pictured above is no more.

The others are having a hard time growing. They keep getting flooded……


Each day I dump the water from the top of them.


 There are no drainage holes in the bottom of these pots.

All in all, the garden is doing well.

How about yours?


11 comments on “Monday Report – Week 7

  1. Your garden looks great! And I totally agree about the rain. This is my first year for a vegetable garden, but in years past, the rain always did miracles for my flowers that water from the hose just couldn’t do. And my vegetables are doing great so far!

  2. I don’t know about where you’re at, but it is cold here this morning, a cool 61. Back when I was having hot flashes I would have loved this kind of weather. But it’s almost so chilly today I think I could turn the furnace on.

  3. Becky: Whoops, I didn’t mean to bump into that pot but in the middle of a rainstorm things happen.
    My garden is just starting. I had three rabbits circling the garden. I think they were looking for a way in. There were 6 rabbits at my (bird) feeder today. Wonderful to have the whole family visit. It was 47 here at 7AM.

  4. Our garden (AND the weeds!) is growing steadily too. I totally agree with you that rain always does what no amount of human watering can!!

    We had to replant our green beans this year too, I think it was b/c birds were pulling them up.

    I love your garden updates!!

  5. Yep, it looks like you’re going to have blueberries! Sorry about the thyme. Can you drill holes into the bottom of your pots for drainage?

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