I Found Him First

Last week, in between rain storms, The Captain and I went for a ride on the golf cart.

Which is unusual for us. It’s an electric golf cart and has to be charged regularly. Because Boo likes to drive it too. He’s been driving golf carts around the farm since he was about five years old. He makes sure the batteries get a good workout.

Before we could take a ride, The Captain had to air up the front tire.


I think we have a little critter around here that likes to go around and let the air out of miscellaneous farm stuff tires.

So anyway, we’re riding around and I start noticing these clouds.


Then I notice the horses and the green of the trees and land.

Just a beautiful sight, I think.

Well, except for this cloud that was moving in rather quickly.


Threatening to cut our ride short.

After leaving the golf cart, I noticed something had popped up overnight.


I like mushrooms. How they just show up out of nowhere, overnight like that.

While I was trying to get the perfect mushroom picture, I hear The Captain and Boo discussing where I might be.

The Captain says I’m probably at the garden. So Boo heads toward the garden. And he finds me along his journey to the garden.

But I found him first.


How do I know I found him first?

Cause if he knew I was taking a picture of him, he would have high tailed it in the other direction.

Chalk one up for Mom!

8 comments on “I Found Him First

  1. LOL that is great Becky…chalk a good one up for mom. Beautiful pictures love the horses against the raging sky..very nice. I like mushrooms to take pictures of too..but don’t like to eat them. Nice ride around the farm today Becky.

  2. Nice picture of the mushroom. We had a few in our yard a while ago before we cut the grass. They sure do pop up overnight! The only ones I like are the morels, but they aren’t in season long enough.

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