Fast Cars And Dual Exhaust

Look what The Captain came home from work in last Friday.


Wanting to take me for a ride. To lunch.

I had planned to work in the garden. Had my “workin’ in the garden” clothes on.

My work gloves in my hand.

And here he comes. “C’mon, babe, let’s go to lunch in style.”

Six speed, standard shift, sleek…….


Yep. A corvette.


We both drive trucks. Trucks that you get up into and down out of.

Totally the opposite of getting down into and up out of this car.

Riding with your hiney only inches from the ground.

You feel every pebble in the road.

It’s definitely a different kind of riding experience.

Especially with The Captain at the wheel. And the shifter, and the clutch, and the accelerator…….

Ya know what I mean?

And the exhaust…

You know the sound it makes when your shifting.

Waaaaa, waaaa, waaa.

Anyone who likes the sound of a standard shift, knows the sound I’m talking about.

Me…I LOVE to drive a standard shift sports car.

Love the sound of the exhaust as you push the clutch in and let it back out again.

It’s nice for an occasional lunch outing or a night on the town.

But I’ll stick with my truck for everyday driving.

It’s too hard to get in and out of. Too much worry about someone dinging the paint with a door or a shopping cart. Not enough room, being only a two seater.

The guy that owns this Vette needed a truck to do some hauling. So he and The Captain swapped vehicles for a day.

It was his idea for The Captain to take his wife out to lunch in style.

Such a sweetie he is. And his wife, too.

But, he is tall. Real tall. And how he folds himself up to get in and out of this thing everyday is beyond me.

And in case you are wondering, I have driven it a couple of times, when he first got it.

And I was in pure Heaven.

But not this time, I let The Captain relish in the thrill that comes with driving a sports car.

And Boo also got to experience his first ride in a souped up sports car.

I wonder if The Captain scarred him for life,

or whetted his appetite for fast cars and dual exhaust?


13 comments on “Fast Cars And Dual Exhaust

  1. I had a 1972 sting ray corvette in my early 20’s and I LOVED that thing! But I had to get rid of it because, like you, I really enjoyed driving a stick, especially a fast sports car one, and I kept getting pulled over because I just couldn’t go slow in it.
    But it sure was fun while it lasted!

  2. Becky: I must say I have beaten a few of these off the line at a red light. The trick is to have them not know they are in the race. If they just laugh and let you go its fine and you win. If they decide to race it is bye-bye baby and the back of the Vette is all you see.
    Oh the late 50’s and early 60’s were wonderful times. “American Graffiti” at its finest.

  3. Sounds like a fun ride….but I’m like you….not everyday…
    all the time thing. I like trucks also….we have an extend cab Colorado….before that a quad cab Dakota
    that I really loved….but no stick shifts for me….I’m strickly an automatic girl.

  4. Those low slung sports cars are for the young. The car our one daughter use to drive, I would fall into it, and almost have to roll out of it. Set too low to the ground. Now that she’s older, she has a car that sits higher, plus it has heated seats for winter driving. Also helps if the back is aching to sit on that warm seat.

    But it was nice you got a ride and lunch. Woo hoo, couldn’t ask for anything more. Well you could, but if it’s like around here, I doubt you would get it. LOL

    Rainy here this morning, Abe’s at the doctor’s getting his annual physical and I’m waiting for breakfast till he gets back home. Well I cheated I just ate a hard boiled egg. Fed the granddaughter and got her on the bus earlier. Have a great day.

  5. Becky that is hilarious and I know what you are talking about. I did the same thing one day switched with my brother in law. No I only had an oldsmobile..LOL but he wanted me to drive his pretty teal vette. I did and gladly gave it back. I had to fall out of the thing push myself up to get was a horrible ride.!!
    They are pretty they go fast…but they suck everywhere else..LOL why somebody would wait all their life for that beats me…esp in mid life crisis…give me an olds, truck or mitz any day…LOL
    but that was real sweet of the captain to come get his honey for lunch in it 🙂

  6. I’m a girl, and I happen to like a nice exhaust, too…and as soon as I can, I’m going to get a nice one for my old Mustang…it just isn’t right without it, after all, the Mustang is considered a muscle car….no standard shift, though!

    I know I love my husbands big Silverado, or our Suburban or my big Buick for everyday…the Mustang sits low too, and is only fun for “once in awhile” drive with the top down days!

  7. I know exactly what you’re talking about… When I was growing up I drooled over the Jaguar XKE. When I was seventeen, I was at my oldest brother’s home for the summer helping with the kids. He had to take his car into Ft. Worth to the dealer for some work to be done and he came home driving a dark green XKE. It was a loner from the dealer and he had asked for the Jag so that I would have at least a chance to drive one in my life. It was awesome and I loved my big brother even more after he did that. I will say, however, that when Big Bro went to take it back, he wanted his wife and I to go with him and then go out to dinner. It wasn’t fun riding on the console for that 20 minute drive and I was even skinny back then… It was a definite 2 seater… but, boy, was it fun to drive.


  8. Luv the sports cars! I’m more of a chevelle or Charger kinda girl tho. I’m sure Boo’s appetite is ready for the sports cars! don’t think he coulda been that scared, too busy thinking Wooohooo!

  9. You young whippersnappers you!! How fun. My “dream” car is a classic Mustang. Some day I’ll get one and go zooming along, picking up all my bloggy friends as I go for a day at the beach….

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