Monday Report – Week 6

I know your all excited about what’s going on in my garden, right?

I know, I know, exactly what could be any different than last week?

Well, here is one change I’m not exactly happy about.

Something ate the leaves from one of my banana pepper plants.


I have six plants, this one is in the middle. This is the only one de-leaved.

Last year I planted birdhouse gourds and they completely took over my garden area.

I thought I had all the gourds picked and put away to dry.

That is until we went to mowing down that unruly patch.

The lawnmower found one and demolished it.

Look what I found growing this year.


That’s right.

Birdhouse gourd plants.


I think I’ll let a few of them grow.

I just can’t bring myself to pull them. If they’re so determined to grow, I’ll let them be.

Soon, I’ll be showing you what it is we do with those birdhouse gourds.


9 comments on “Monday Report – Week 6

  1. Becky: There is one animal that really does that to pepper plants. You laughed when I talked about my nemesis the Groundhog. You may now not be able to laugh. One ate every leaf off all my tomatoe plants. I almost cried.

  2. I can’t wait to see what you do with a birdhouse gourd….actually……I can’t wait to see what a flippin’ gourd is!!!! lol

  3. I almost bought seeds for birdhouse gourds, but I knew I didn’t have room for them in my garden, so I passed. Looking forward to seeing your gourds.

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