On Alert

I recently went for walks around a couple of local parks.


While walking along a not so beaten path,


I ran across two squirrels. The bigger one ran away quickly, but this young one was a little curious about the human that was flashing the light at him.


At another park, near a pond (or lake as they call them here), I came upon these two Canada geese.

The one on the left seemed to be a little protective. On alert. 


She looks to be saying, “Do you see that human, she’s getting closer. Do you see her?”



“Why does she keep flashing that light as us?”

“Yeah, I see her. Don’t worry, I’ll flog her if I have to.”


I didn’t get too close, I don’t like to disturb nature.


Eventually, they decided I wasn’t a threat. And didn’t seem to be too afraid of the sound of the camera shutter .

I left them to snack and rest.

And I wasn’t taking kindly to the thought of being flogged.


7 comments on “On Alert

  1. lovely becky, we get the canadian geese in “our” winter months they come in by the 20 +…you can hear them coming a mile a way. They are so cool watching them land in our pond. :-))

  2. Real cute, Becky. We have those geese here at our lakes also….and other ducks….but I really like the way that yours communicate with each other. Thanks for the walk in the park.

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