Monday Report – Week 5

It’s amazing the difference two weeks can make when you are keeping track of a garden.

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve given you a garden report.



Onions are ready to eat. Maybe with supper tonight.


I know, it needs weedin’.




Sunflowers are beautiful when growing.


In the fall, I cut off the tops, hang them upside down and let them dry.

In the winter I hang them outside for the birds.

That’s it for this week’s garden report.

How is your garden growing?


11 comments on “Monday Report – Week 5

  1. Your garden looks great, Becky! We’ve had so much rain, that I was starting to get worried about mine, but we’re supposed to have sunshine all week. Hooray!

  2. If you mean, how are my weeds growing… they’re growing great! 🙂 We had to replant a bunch of green beans yesterday. We’re not sure if they just weren’t coming up or if the birds got them. I need to go through and fill in the bare spots in the corn too.

    And the weeds! I need to weed the garden like there’s no tomorrow!

  3. Oh Becky how does your garden grow.. I ‘ll tell just beautifully, wow they have really grow and so healthy looking all of them. Just lovely, what a wonderful idea with the sunflowers I know the birds must love that! Have a wonderful day today 🙂

  4. Your garden looks great! John only got some plants in the ground last Wednesday…tomotoes….squash….bell peppers……getting a little late start…..still have to get cucumber plants. We have lettuce up but haven’t even set out the onions yet….my sweet peas are coming along good…..about two feet high now… has been hard with all the rain to do much with gardening. I should sow some sunflower seeds since we feed the birds…buying sunflower seeds for them is getting very expensive…..but I love to watch my birds….one of the most enjoyable things in my life.

  5. You will never hear me say you need to weed. You’ve seen the pictures of my garden with all the rain we’ve had and me not being able to get out in it without sinkin’ in mud up to my ankles. Yours is looking great. We are supposed to have a pretty good week and lots of sunshine so maybe I can get mine cleaned out.


  6. I’m a city slicker, so I get my summer veggies at the Farmer’s Market downtown or, of course, the grocery store. I do buy local as much as possible.

  7. Garden is growing wonderfully. The rain has it beat down at the moment, but I know when the sun comes back out it will perk right up and grow like crazy. Your garden is looking great, okay, so aren’t there ALWAYS weeds?

  8. Garden is looking really good down your way. Mine is growing too-a little behind yours. I’m just hoping nothing gets bit tonight-supposed to get cold.

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