Rough Somebody Up

Stretch is never safe when Hunni is around.


She’s always up to something. Like trying to find a way out.


She’s convinced she’s being held captive, she has real important business to attend to on the other side of that fence.

She wants to know how those dogs out int he pasture got so big.

She wants to eat what they eat, do what they do, so she can grow her puny self into a BIG dog.

Nothing to do with her own safety.

Stretch knows to keep an eye on her.


He can tell when she gets that look on her face.


The look that says, she’s up to no good.

 Oh sure, he warns her. Tells her to behave herself.


It doesn’t do any good. She’s hard headed. Doesn’t listen.

Run, Stretch! Run!


She always gets the best of him. Takes off running and T-bones him. Knocking him over.


Then attacks.


Casper quietly observes.


Decides he wants to get in on the fun.


When they’re tired of that game, Casper runs back to Nanook’s side.

“You okay, Casper? They didn’t rough you up too bad, did they?”


Wouldn’t you like to be a dog here on the farm?

The daily agenda….



rough somebody up every now and then….

and warn the humans when something doesn’t sound or look right.

Yeah, me too.


13 comments on “Rough Somebody Up

  1. WOW, four dogs. We had three at one time, all in door dogs, you had to be careful when walking through the house to not trip over one of them laying around just relaxing. And they say, they’ve got a dogs life, around here and it looks like around your place, it’s a pretty good life.

  2. What a great, fun post. Well, maybe not as much fun for Stretch as for Hunni and us… but he does a good job of being our entertainment.

    Thanks, Becky, for the smiles this morning.


  3. Just tooooo cute, Becky! Has anyone ever told you that you have a very facinating talent?…..well….you’ve just been told! Love your posts.

  4. I wrote a comment while ago, but it didn’t work, so I’ll try again.
    Dachshunds are cute, smart and those little legs can fly. Looks like your dogs enjoy each other.

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