The One With A Dot

Meet Arnie.


When we moved here to the farm, fifteen years ago, Arnie appeared. He settled in and we gave him a name.


His soul purpose in  life is to guard the entrance to our home. He took this role upon himself.

Come here and say Hi, Arnie.


He’s a little shy.

He chases away anything else that comes around during daylight hours. Wasps, flies, birds…..

The size doesn’t matter. He’s not afraid.

Well, maybe he’ll stop and chat a bit, but not for long, since he’s on duty.


Ernie says “Hi, ya’ll!”


Now he’s back to work, guarding the door.

His brother guards the door on the other side of the house.

Did you know that the one with the dot on it’s nose is the male bumblebee?

 And the males don’t sting.

I have fun with these guys all the time. I go outside and sit, to keep him company. It’s a lonely job.

He’ll come within inches of my hand, then zip away.


Do you have one of Arnie’s relatives at your house?


11 comments on “The One With A Dot

  1. OMGoodness Becky, beautiful pictures I love Arnie. Yes I have his cousin’s around here. One hangs out while I am in the yard. I didn’t know about the dot. Thank you for teaching me that, too cool.

    You know our pools are the demize of the bubble bee. I will not have a pool next year. For some reason they think they can drink the water and I end up rescuing a lot of bees in the water…I don’t think they ever recover. It breaks my heart. We need the bees, without the bees we will not have any food. Cell towers and pools are what are killing the bubble bee!

    I love this post and so cool you got so many pictures. I am kinda jealous…LOL

  2. I love love Arnie!! And WOW what photos-they are amazing! I love all the shots you got of him. Just the other day I was showing the girls how I could “pet” one of Arnie’s cousins-Chitter tried and it worked-but when Chatter tried he decided he had enough and chased her all over the yard. It was hilarious. And as for me and you-another coincidence-both playing with bumblebees!

  3. Wow, Becky….what a neat post! Those pictures are something else! Looks like you’ve done your homework on bumblebees…..what an interesting thing to know about the dot…..but I still don’t want to come too close to bees or wasps…..their stings just don’t agree with me.

  4. Arnie looks like a formidable (but friendly!) guard there! I never knew that about the dot, but will def keep an eye out for that in my travels. Enjoyed browsing here!

  5. I had a horsefly for a couple of weeks last year. He never tried to get in the house, he just buzzed around outside. But he’s gone now and I miss him.

  6. Hello Becky and Arnie! My husband always told me that if a bee had a white dot on it, they wouldn’t sting you. He never told me that they were males, tho, maybe he didn’t know that fact.

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