Monday Report Week 3

Everything is getting their third leaves.

Green beans, zucchini , cucumber and summer squash.


I have lost two of my banana peppers so far. The rest seem to be doing well.


The sunflowers have added their fourth leaves.


Green onions are almost ready to eat.


These heirloom tomato plants are too small for blooming, so I pinch the blooms off, letting all the energy go to the growing of the plant. There will be time for tomato blooms and tomatoes later.


These are roma tomato plants I started from seed. I’ve been waiting for them to get big enough to plant. I think they’re ready now.


This peach is already bigger than any of the peaches we harvested last year. But I’m worried that the small branches won’t hold it up. If it starts putting stress on the branch I’ll have to pick it before it’s ripe.


The iris show is almost over.


So what’s your Monday report?

14 comments on “Monday Report Week 3

  1. Looks great, Becky. I finally got my garden planted this weekend. I’m hoping that I don’t kill everything in there!

  2. Wow, Becky everything is coming in so nicely! I can almost smell those onions from here. Today we are watching and dodging tornados 🙂

  3. Becky, Becky quite contrary
    how does your garden grow?
    With tomato plants and pepper plants
    and your onions all in a row.

    Mine garden only has weeds in it, yours looks great.

  4. Seeing your new potatoes on your previous post made my mouth water! We usually cut the potatoes into slices and fry them like that, but yumm. Those look fabulous!!

    Your garden is looking great. Our onions have taken off, but everything else that we planted seeds of are still underground.

  5. Potatoes, onions, radishes, garlic and grass and weeds are all doing great. Tomatoes are learning to do the backstroke, along with my furry babies and myself. Been raining… and raining… and raining. The garden is so soggy that I sink in up to my ankles if I go out to weed, so I figure that’s the Good Lord’s way of not letting me do too much to soon after being so sick. I’ll try to get the photos up if you won’t chastise me for having a grassy, weedy garden.


  6. Yours is just a little farther along than mine, but the chives are already blooming, the radishes, lettuce, spinach, pea’s and onions growing well!

  7. In regards to your peach….. a friend had an apricot tree that was loaded with fruit and it got too heavy for the branches. He wanted them to ripen so he got some sturdy sticks that had dropped from bush trees with a “V” shape in them. He then propped up the loaded branches with the “v” end and dug the stick into the ground……..seemed to work. Like a crutch!!

  8. You’re way ahead of me. My iris’s are just starting to bloom and the only thing we have planted are red potatoes. The ground is so wet and soggy now we will have to wait a while before planting anything in the garden. I think I’ll start some seeds in cups tomorrow.

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