Saucy Sunday – New Potatoes

Have you ever eaten new potatoes?


There are different ways to make them. But this is the way I prefer.

First, wash them. And if they’re kinda big, cut them in half.

Boil them in water until done. But not falling apart.


Drain the water. Fry them in butter, add salt and pepper to taste.


When golden brown, remove from pan and serve.

This is how we cook them on the farm.

How do you fix new potatoes?

14 comments on “Saucy Sunday – New Potatoes

  1. OMGoodnees, I do the same thing! Except I cut mine up in quarters and boil, then pan fry. Love them that way!

    I also will microwave a potato just barely cooked then cut them up and throw them in oil, and they make the best french fries…

    HUMMM no wonder I have extra tater lumps all over me

  2. I have two favorite ways of cooking new potatoes. One is to cook them with fresh green beans and season with olive oil and vinegar. The other way is to boil them, then add salt, butter, and fresh parsley. Yum!

  3. I like to use little red potatoes to make potato salad and I leave the skin on them. Make the salad more colorful. I also like to lay them on top of fresh green beans with ham towards the end of the bean cooking time, then when on my plate, I like to cut them and slap on the butter. They are good no matter how you use them. Just cooked in plain water, with the skins, drain, and then again, slap on the butter, salt and pepper to taste,

  4. That is my favorite way to eat them. But I also like them mashed. We had them mashed last night. I also like them sliced and fried. I just like them. I’ve got them planted and growing in the garden now.

    I’m hungry now. Got to go have a bite of lunch.


  5. I like them any way really!! Usually I steam them with fresh mint leaves and serve with lots of lovely butter…..*sigh*

  6. It will be a while before we have new potatoes, but mom always cut them up and boiled them and thickened them with a mixture of cornstarch and milk. mmm…mmm

  7. My Mom always took the small , new potatoes, and creamed them like Janets Mom( they were sisters). I think they both learned this from their Mom because I remember grandma cooking them like that too.
    I have tried makeing them like that but they are not as good as they made. We ate them with corn bread, which my Mom could make the best.

  8. Looks great! I’m gonna have to put these on the menu. I like them, but don’t make them that often…I’ll have to start doing that more. Thanks for the recipe!

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