Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo II

Wonder who lives in there?



I would have broken a leg or peed myself if something would have stuck it’s head out of the hole in this cedar tree while I was taking this picture.


13 comments on “Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo II

  1. Now, Becky….that would have been funny! That looks like a big tree. I saw a lot of trees at Cabwaylingo with the holes that were most likely home to some critters….

  2. Wonder if a ground squirrel/chipmunk lives in it? I’m with you-if something poked it’s head out-I’d head for the hills screaming all the way!

  3. LOL- I would like to have seen that too…but won’t wish upon you as I have a couple around here I peek at and hope nothing is peeking back..

    Cool picture!

  4. And I would have laughed my butt off if you had told us that something popped it’s head out and scared the pee out of you! Too funny!

  5. Glad nothing came out on you, or you would have had to go home and change clothes. 🙂 That reminds me of a cave tour we went on last summer. They usually don’t want you to touch the walls, but at this one particular place there was a hole in the wall and they let you poke your hand in it. I was kind of leary of doing it, but I did, and nothing grabbed me back.

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