Break For It

Why is it that we don’t have many memories from early childhood?

For most of us, those were the most happiest and carefree time in our lives.

Usually, the earliest memories are from a traumatic or a most exciting event, like a holiday.

And we can’t remember the rest.

Pardon me, I’m just pondering one of the mysteries of life.

For me, I think the earliest memory I have is when I was about 2 or 3 years old.

We had company over and everyone was in the kitchen.

Except me.

I was in the livingroom admiring our parakeet.

He/she was green and yellow and “talked” a lot.

I wasn’t afraid of the bird. Actually, I was exactly the opposite. It was a pet and that’s just exactly what I wanted to do. “Pet” it.

I’m sure that bird was more intelligent than I was at that age, having been around maybe a whole 6 months.

And I’m sure that as I stood there admiring his beauty and wanting to get a little closer, that bird was thinking…

“This just might be my lucky break. I’ll woo her with my tweets, and fly to the side of the cage acting as if I WANT to be petted. And as soon as she opens that door, I break for it.”

And that is exactly what happened. As soon as I opened the cage and stuck my hand in, the bird flew out.

And of course, it flew around and around the livingroom and landed in a spot on the fireplace mantle that was too high for my two foot height to reach.

I can remember looking at the bird. Then looking for something to climb on, which I didn’t find. The only thing left to do was to admit what I had done and have Dad rescue the wayward parakeet. Which he did.

I remember my Dad as being a patient person, even from that time on. He only caught the bird, put it back in its cage, and then explained why I should never do that again.

I imagine that bird was a little upset that I went and got Dad, instead of opening the front door for it to fly to its freedom and join the rest of the feathered creatures just outside that door.

How about you? What is your earliest memory?

I would love to hear about it!



8 comments on “Break For It

  1. I don’t know what age I was actually, but I know I was very young- a baby even. I remember my mother bathing me in the kitchen sink and me slapping the water with the palm of my hands and laughing. That was probably the earliest memory I have.

  2. Becky: Tough one, all three kids were in the back seat of the car. We had no seat belts at that time. My sister sitting by the door as we are driving and the door flies open. Luckily she didn’t fall out. I guess something traumatic has to happen to remember.

  3. My earliest memory involves a big snowstorm in an area that saw little snow. My father called my mother to the door and when she opened it he hit her with a snowball. They had a snowball fight right then and there. Not accustomed to such a sight, I was very frightened to see my parents “fighting.”

  4. One of my earliest memories-playing with my older brother in tall grass that grew in a meadow behind the house we lived in back then. Funny how things stick with you like that-I remember the sun, the smell of the grass, him holding my hand and telling me stuff, and an old shed or something too. Neat post!!

  5. I remember getting choked on a life saver. I think I was two. It’s weird, but I could see Dad holding me upside down on the balcony of our apartment and shaking me.

  6. I agree that it is weird we can’t remember things from being young. I remember being about 3 or so and going to the firehouse for a breakfast (my dad was a volunteer firefighter).

  7. Mine involved a bird too…..a dead one though!! I remember sitting in the front seat of the car with Dad driving and a big black bird hitting the windscreen. I have mentioned it to him, but he doesn’t remember the incident. I was probably about 2.
    I agree it seems we remember traumatic or dramatic events from when we were very small but not the good stuff so much. This makes me very sad for children that are growing up in violent home situations or homes with illness and stress around them………it must affect their adult lives and how they cope with things to some extent?

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