Close Your Eyes

Let’s go outside and listen to all the sounds around the farm.

I hear birds all around me chirping and tweeting.


But across the pasture, I hear a strange sound. I think it’s a bird. It’s sound is similar to a squeaky toy. I hear the occasionaly “squak” coming from somewhere over there.


And while I’m here, I hear the snorting of the horses, the stomping of a foot or a swish of a tail to shoo away an annoying fly.


In there, lives a small woodland creature that scurries when I come near.


I know he’s there, but it always startles me when I hear the swish of the dry leaves as he hurries away.

A lawnmower humming along as my brother-in-law cuts grass.


My dogs as they play or yell at me to pay attention to them.


As the eldest of them all watches from her perch on their new sun deck.


And something I could live without are the cars and trucks that drive by on the two-lane highway, over there.


Next time you’re outside…

Close your eyes and listen.

Listen to all the sounds that make up your world.

And enjoy!

As I enjoy all the sounds around the farm.

Well, except for that highway thing.


14 comments on “Close Your Eyes

  1. Becky that was lovely! Yesterday that is what Emoree and I did, we sat in the swing and just listened to the birds and all that was going on… then she jumped in the pool..LOL
    The dogs playing are so cute, but that is wonderful to see you older dog, enjoying the sun porch that ya’ll put in (the ramp) just for her.
    I love the pictures of the horses too.. I would love to have one..actually would love to live on a farm!

  2. Becky, I know what you mean…..not only are the sights of nature soothing…..but the sounds also. I especially enjoy the birds……and running water…..and the crackling of a fire in the fire pit. It is so, so nice to just close your eyes and listen…..oh, and don’t forget the night sounds…..they are great…..especially the hooting of owls. Nice post.

  3. To catch them all, I would no doubt have to insert my hearing aids. When I have them on, it’s funny how the wind blowing past me sounds. When you slowly lose some of your hearing you don’t realize it until you have hearing aids on. The first time it happened it scared me, because I had forgotten how it sounds blowing past your ear. I also hear the birds plainer, and the traffic out on the interstate that is about a mile from us, I can hear the tires singing down the highway.

  4. I love to listen to the sounds of nature. The birds and the peepers and the breeze blowing. I didn’t know you had dachshunds! We used to have a red one, she’s been gone a little over a year now, they are so sweet. I still miss her.

  5. Becky: You have certainly been fooled again. That sound you hear is the famous NC mountain Big Foot. He is calling to the birds and other animals so he can get his supper. Maybe he is calling to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I closed my eyes and heard all the sounds on your farm. Enjoyed my trip!
    We have many twittering birds in our yard with the occassional sqwaaaaack of a seagull thrown in.

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