Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo I

This week begins a new series for Twisted Fencepost.

The weekly farm photo.

It could relate to the changing of the seasons, or the holidays, or something that happened here on the farm during the week, maybe leading to a post that will appear next week.

Either way, it will be of something here on the farm.

There may be an explanation along with the picture or it may be a picture that needs no words.

Without further ado…

I give you the first Twisted Fencepost Weekly Farm photo…


 A peach bloom is one of the prettiest blooms of the spring.

Since this was taken, a peach has taken its place.

Last year, my peaches were only the size of a large grape.

My trees are only three years old. They were given to me by friends and planted in memory of my parents.

I have high hopes for my peaches this year.

Have a great weekend, teammates!


10 comments on “Twisted Fencepost Farm Photo I

  1. That is beautiful Becky I can see the fuzz on the flower that is an excellent picture! What a wonderful tribute to and for your parents. I believe in planting in rememberance too. I am sorry to hear you no longer have them with you. I can’t imagine how hard that is.

    I am looking forward to the upcoming events at Twisted Fencepost…that name just Rocks!

  2. that is a beautiful picture. We used to have peach trees, they only had little tiny hard peaches. We don’t have them any more, tho, the wind blew them down a long time ago.

  3. Oh Becky, that is such a fantastic photo! I don’t think there are words to fully describe the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. I’m looking forward to your new series.

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