Somebody Explain

I have a few questions.

Not hard questions.

Just some things that puzzle me.


Questions like,

why is this cow stalking me?


Why does this tail wag when he can’t even see me?


It’s been months, why isn’t the tractor running yet?


Why did my herbs bite the dust?


Well, except for this one. It’s still herbing away.


Now I have new sprouts, will they fail me too?


Why didn’t the Easter Bunny bring ME an Easter basket?


Exactly how do you know when buttermilk is spoiled?


Why does her tongue never stop?


And why did I take this picture?


I have no idea who these people are.



Can you explain these mysterious goings on?


13 comments on “Somebody Explain

  1. the cow just wants to give you a muah

    the pup can hear you smiling

    the tractor isn’t stupid, he knows whaz up

    the herbs humm taking up smoking?

    you didn’t find last years eggs so you get no new ones

    the buttermilk…the moment you open the

    did you brush you teeth after the milk..before greeting the pup

    you evidentially enjoyed the herbs and thought it was a beautiful sky to die 4…

    hope this helps..LOL 🙂

  2. Becky: Mysteries abound, you have come to the right answer person.
    Your cow mania is easy, they really love you.
    Dog’s tail wagging and tongue out, because it’s there.
    Tractor running, hobbies take longer then work.
    Herbs- paint your thumb green – problem solved.
    Rabbit delivery problem – too busy with your Spring Story to get to your house.
    Buttermilk never spoils until it’s in your belly.
    Lastly – That is Jim and Joan, how could you forget your cousins?
    All your question from life solved, now get on with it.

  3. Let’s face it, you must have been bored on this day of photo snapping and questions that don’t always have an answer. Just because, that’s life. LOL

  4. Great post. I love the tail waggin’ even though you can’t see the rest of the dog. The cow loves you… she’s not stalking you. I won’t even go to the buttermilk question. My question would be who’d want to make buttermilk anyway? If the photo was taken on your phone… I find those every now and then and there is no way that I took them, much less why they would be taken in the first place.


  5. Well, I first read your post this morning and I didn’t have time to answer all of life’s tough questions for you at that time, but now I’ve come back to find that you’ve received all kinds of wonderful answers, so I guess I’ll just say that the Easter bunny skipped me too! It must be some sort of conspiracy!

  6. Hmmm…I just do not know the answers…but I love the stalking cow. Moo. And I am one of the few that cannot have buttermilk in the house because I like it too much!

  7. I see you’re pondering the mysteries of life. You know cows love you-that why it’s staring you down. And the picture-I take ones like that all the time and then think what? Love the doggies-sorry about the tractor and the herbs.

  8. It’s hereditary all cows stare and all dog’s tails wag and tongues hang out. Unlike most people, I’m not into herbs. Just give me a jar of dried ones from the store. If they continue to be contrary, show them who’s boss and just plant some pretty flowers in the pot instead. And as far as buttermilk goes, if I’m in doubt, I take it to my husband to smell. I don’t think I ever throw mine out till it’s about a month out dated, but then ours don’t usually get that out dated. We love buttermilk biscuits! As far as the last picture goes, are you stalking someone, Becky?

  9. Becky I seem to remember that cows just love to stalk you. And that little tail? Well he doesn’t have to see you to be happy. I don’t know about the buttermilk and those people? Who knows. Maybe you are stalking them.

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