Spring Story – 2009

Here you go, Team Fencepost! What you’ve been waiting for.

Our spring story 2009, reader contribution story.

Just like before, I started and finished the story and you gave the heart of the story.

Thank you everyone for participating and joining me in creating this short story.

Click on the first word of each sentence to see who contributed.

Here we go…

One bright, sunny spring morning, a rabbit and her five babies were hopping along, minding their own business, when…

they heard a familiar sound coming from just over the hill.

Hippity, hoppity, hippity, hoppity, up to the top of the hill they went.

And what do you think they saw, making that familiar sound?

All of a sudden a fox came around a fallen tree, with her kits.


The rabbit and her five babies stopped dead in their tracks. The fox and her kits screeched to a halt as well. The two families eyed eachother with a mixture of fear and wonder, and…

all of a sudden a flock of turkeys came around the bend, they were pecking the ground and minding their own business when they spotted a…

rabbit riding on a foxes back, two little chicks and a big fat hen trying to show the mother rabbit how to eat worms while the other little foxes rolled in the new grass and sang…

there goes Peter Cottontail riding down the bunny trail…

and the turkey said, “Where are all of you heading? Can we join you?” To which the rabbit, fox, 2 little chicks and big fat hen replied…

Of course you can join us!! We are heading to see the Wise Old Owl that we have heard of…..he lives in the woods that you can see in the distance…..but it is a long journey and we would be glad of your company…

So the turkeys, the rabbit and her babies, the fox and her kits, the big fat hen and her two little chicks started down the trail t0 see what was waiting just Round The (next) Bend. They had been walking quite some time when the woods loomed before them. Cluck, cluck said the hen. How will we ever find the Wise Old Owl among all these trees. Just then…


A cow seemed to appear from nowhere. It was one of those pasture cows that are so scary to see. The cow looked at all them with those big big round brown eyes and said “Do you think your crossing my field”. The fox said……….

“You are only one and we are many. We ARE crossing that field, cow!” Then the cow said…


“Have fun crossing the field then, I have left a number of pies for your trip.”

So here they go crossing the field, just like G I Joe’s in a mine field. They were so carefully concentrating on their path through the maze of pies they didn’t see…

the rattle snake that just jumped out from under a log…

and started slithering along side them, his beady eyes…

But then, the guard burro that was coming to see what was going on in the field he was guarding, caught a glimpse of the rattlesnake that had its beady eyes on one of the baby rabbits, he ran over between the baby and the snake, reared up and…

the snake jumped, coiled, hissed and said, “I mean no harm, I was just curious to see what all the happiness was about”. And he slithered away. Cursing the burro for foiling his supper plans. Meanwhile, in the distance they could hear the “hooting” of the wise old owl they were seeking.

It seemed as if he were calling out to them to give direction. After all if he is a Wise Old Owl, he may be psychic, too…

No, it wasn’t that he was phychic, it was just that there was such a racket coming from the field that he couldn’t sleep. Now; his curiosity was peeked. Why were all these animals heading his way. He knew that…

if these reveling creatures were not careful, the whole forest would be coming to find a tasty tidbit. (They were lucky that rabbit was not his own favorite dish!) He decided to…

go and see what was going on-and quieten down the group before they were heard by the…

real king of the forest who had just gotten up from his long winters nap. The famous ten foot tall Black Bear from the South Carolina Smokey Mountains. He was really hungry as he came back from his deep sleep. Do you know what he heard? Well, he heard food, lots and lots of tasty…

when Rudey Dog dropped in to say Hey where you guys going. Mind if I come along we could go over there and play tag…

But the bear had other things in mind. His stomach was growling and he could no longer ignore the strong pangs of hunger. He began sauntering toward the crowd trying to remain unseen. But from the air nothing is unseen, the wise old owl who was on his way to investigate the noise seen the bear making his way toward the unsuspecting crowd and began hooting his warnings.

Being the first to see the bear, Rudey dog yelled, “Bear!!! And he’s it! Run for your life!!!”

Taking heed, the forest creatures ran, their hearts beating wildly as they searched for a safe retreat. They ran in so many different directions that the forest king didn’t know who to chase.

Rudey dog, knowing he could out run the bear, began running from side to side, up and back, to distract the bear so the others could make their way to safety.

The guard burro ran deep into a pine thicket and was out of sight within seconds.

Knowing they were close to home, the fox and her kits quickly found their fox hole and dove in one after the other.

The rabbit and her five babies hopped into a dense briar patch and disappeared.

The flock of turkeys, led by their Tom, ran for cover into the camoflage of the forest. 


The big fat hen and her two chicks headed straight for the cow pasture, under the fence, across the field, splitting fresh cow pies down the middle, and into the safety of the barn.

The hungry black bear had zeroed in on Rudey dog and was quickly closing the distance between the two.

Now that Rudey dog could see the others were safe, he ran under the direction of the Wise Old Owl who was flying overhead hooting the way to the nearest stream.

As Rudey dog ran, his heart raced, he only hoped he could trust the owls directions. Into the forest they ran. Through the moss covered forest floor, around trees, under fallen limbs, around the briar bushes, he ran.


He could hear the chorus of the forest creatures as they cheered him on, he could hear the owl hooting instructions and finally he could hear the sound of rushing water.

The bear roared, “You will not escape me, Rudey dog!”

Hearing the sound of the water gave Rudey dog renewed inspiration. As he neared the water he could see a waterfall. He ran behind the fall and out the other side. And declared, “SAFE”, as he stood across the water from the bear.

Tired of the chase, and weak from hunger, the bear stopped for a drink of water and noticed the fish swimming in the stream. And decided a supper of fresh fish would be the perfect meal.

Now that the bear was distracted by the swimming meal, Rudey dog was free to find his way home.

The Wise Old Owl guided Rudey dog to a shallow spot in the stream and back to his Mississippi home and into the arms of his people.

Little did they know of his daring adventure and how he saved the day for the creatures of the forest.

And the Wise Old Owl returned to his tree to finish his nap.

Until tomorrow, when there will begin another adventure for the creatures of Team Fencepost.

And that, my friends, is the end of the story.

Sorry it took so long to complete, life just gets in the way sometimes.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I sure did!!

Thank you!!!


6 comments on “Spring Story – 2009

  1. Becky that was the best short story I have read in a long time. Girl that took a lot of work on your part :-0 my goodness talk about some hidden links. Fantastic story and what a wonderful why to link everybody together. I smell a book in your future. Great team effort with everybody putting in… Dang even Rudey Dog had a hay day . Honored am I and Rudey Dog. I was right there and almost out of breath myself. What a wonderful story. Kudos to you 2 thumbs up and a big hairy hug from Rudey dog…LOL

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