Monday Report

I sat down this morning to write a post, while I have several things floating around in the gray matter that I want to tell you about, but before I do that…

I’m gonna go visit everyone in blog land and see what they’re up to.

Oh, now I better pay the bills before I forget them, AGAIN. 😯

Now I’m hungry, so I better go fix myself a little something to start my day.

And there’s this darn fly that won’t leave me alone. Buzzing around my head, driving me insane.

That’s how it is here on the farm. When the weather warms up, the windows go up. And in come the unwanted pesky little critters. I’m torn between opening the windows and dodging the invasion of the flying critters to leaving the windows down and turning on the air conditioning. I love to air the house out when the weather is cool, before it turns so hot the air conditioning must be turned on. 

So I swat. 🙄

I almost decided to get up and walk away cause obviously, that fly isn’t going anywhere.

But, I better check my email, just in case anyone is trying desperately to reach me. Which is what happened last week when I was outside working instead of inside checking up on things.

I have a whole list of chores waiting for me and painting to do.

And I must get out there to check on my garden. You know you have to go look at it everyday. Don’t want to miss any changes taking place. Well, that’s how my Dad did it. He checked everyday sometimes twice. While Mom sat inside and giggled at him through the livingroom window. She didn’t get around too well, so she stayed inside and waited for Dad’s daily garden report.

Which is what you’ll probably be hearing a lot of from me….a Daily Garden Report. Relax, it’s only until the season is over. :mrgreen:

So, anyway, over the weekend, I planted 90% of the garden. Well, I planted the whole thing. And then realized I needed more garden. I have a couple of things left to plant and nowhere to plant them. I guess the next time it rains I’ll be out there with the tiller again, chopping up the dirt and extending the garden a few more feet. And The Captain wants corn. I guess I’ll have to go a few more feet than I thought.

It’s a labor of love though. Nothing more peaceful and rewarding than a successful garden. I’m hoping this will be my best year. After several years of planting and not being able to keep up with it. The weeds overtook it along with the critters taking ATLEAST one bite out of every tomato and cucumber they could find. I didn’t fuss too much about it last year because of the drought. I figured they were trying to find some kind of moisture anywhere they could. Maybe this year, if we decline into drought conditions again, I’ll try to find some kind of little tubs or something to put some water in. Not too deep and at ground level so all can get at it.

So that’s my scatterbrained post for you today.

I’m off to find a fly swatter and go check out the garden.

I’ll be back with my Daily Garden Report.

By the way, this is the first Garden Report letting you know it is in the ground. Or maybe it’s the second. Since I told you the other day that I had it all tilled up and ready to plant. Either way, it’s a Garden Report.

And I gotta find a note pad to write all my “to do’s” on.

Or else, I’ll end up scatterbrained, just like this post. And not get anything accomplished.

Toodles! 😀


10 comments on “Monday Report

  1. Welcome to my world. I go around scatterbrained most of the time. I do like to make notes and I do try to stick to them, but I have learned over the years, to make short notes to myself, so I don’t feel defeated before I even start.

    Right now, I have the washer and dryer going, and one skillet sitting in the dish water in the sink, water getting cold. One daughter and her son stopped in for a few mins. Talked to another daughter on the phone, ran out to the grain elevator when I took the granddaughter to the bus stop and picked up some peanuts in the shell, the un shelled will be in tomorrow.

    Played my turn on two games of scramble with this 88 year old woman and this time she is really whopping my butt. I like to play the word games at Facebook, so far mostly only play with several of our daughters. Do you ever play any of the word games at Facebook? A lady that lives in England that I met a looon time ago at Mod Blog is really, really good at the word games, I have no idea how she can get such high scores. Have to run, more later. Raining here, soft misty rain and getting colder.

  2. I loved this post, now I know I am not the only one that has this type of thought process! I always have so many things I am thinking about at once. Our garden is tilled then we had a monsoon, (OK maybe it wasn’t that bad but I wouldn’t step into the garden right now unless you want to sink up past your ankles in mud) So I am waiting on it to dry out some so I can plant! I look forward to hearing more about your garden.

  3. Yes I can’t stand those pesky flies. They just bug me…ha ha! I look forward to the garden photos. I love growing things. We got some things planted this weekend but still more to go. We keep getting frost so only cold loving plants like peas, broccli and root veggies are in for now.

  4. I like the windows opened to. The house gets prety dusty but I open them anyway. I checked on my garden that I’m not even planting this year (we’re moving in June) & found some radish’s coming up. I let some go to seed last fall & the little seeds must have survived the winter.

  5. I’m in planting mode this week. I got tomato plants in the ground today, plus several flowering shrubs that Carol got this weekend. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get the squash in, the cucumbers in and get the radishes started. I planted bell peppers, green, yellow and red last Saturday. Also, 2 jalapeno pepper plants and a cayenne pepper plant…. Getting started towards some good eating. Next report in a day or three…


  6. Can’t wait to see progress pictures of your garden!
    And if you’re scatter-brained and can have a successful garden, then that gives me much hope for my first garden this year! 🙂

  7. Well your rambling thoughts sound very similar to mine!! Now does that make you feel good or scare the beejeebees out you 🙂 Good news that you’ve got most of the garden planted-sometimes I think thats the hardest part.

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