No Easy Way

Good morning, Team Fencepost!

As of late my posting has been sparse, which is unusual for me. Circumstances out of control contribute to my absense.

Sad news, medical emergencies, not to mention the everyday activities that must take place and being on the go is a constant.

And the building of a doggie deck. Which is what I was doing when my family was trying to let me know about my cousin.

As some of you know, I have a doggie door in my laundry room that leads to a fenced in area for my canine critters. They have plenty of room to run, play, sun themself…..

But the steps leading from the doggie door were too short for my looooong weinie dog to maneuver.

This is what happens when he tries to go down the steps. He gets stuck.  He can’t turn around and go back up and he refuses to go down. He just stands there and yelps. And the human people have to rescue him.


So we had to restructure, in order for him to have access to his outdoor sniffing range and bathroom. I just don’t have time to keep taking him out on the leash. I sometimes wish I lived further out in the country so I could just open the door and let them run.  I have lost one dog too many to the heavily traveled two-lane highway that runs near my home.

So we had to add a ramp and longer steps.


And then had to add a step up from the ground, as the bottom step was too high for him to hop up onto.


Stretch dog, that’s what I call him, just like Hunni girl, Nanook dog and Casper dog.

(say that “Casper dog” kinda drug out, think “Wonnnderrrrr Dooooggggg”)

Anyway, Stretch dog is not as agile as the others, nor does he have the confidence the others have. He’s more timid. So the less timid, less agilility and short legs are the reason for this doggie deck revamp.

They had a smaller deck before, we just extended it and made it more accessible for the less agile dog.


Kind of a handicap accessible entrance to the laundry room/dog house.


I still have not told my brother of my cousins untimely death. He should know, yes. But he, himself, is still in the hospital. He should be moved to a rehabilitation facility within the next few days. I’ll tell him then.

The last time I had to deliver sad news, such as this, is when my Father died. I, along with my husband and brother had to deliver the news to my Mother who was in a  rehabilitation hospital due to a broken leg.

You know, I’m just not good at these things.

Is anyone?

I’m one of those people who don’t like to beat around the bush. I get straight to the point, most of the time. And things like this are not a straight to the point conversation. So I must to have time to think of the best way to break it to them.

My cousin and I were not close. Not that I didn’t love him just as much. I love all my family and wish I could see them more.

We were far apart in age and miles. I’ve only seen him a handfull of times. He was closer in age to my brother. And, well…… they just knew eachother. They had lost contact over the years, but had recently spoken to eachother, I’m not sure who called who, but it doesn’t really matter.

It will be the last time my brother ever speaks to him.

How do you tell someone that the long lost cousin, they had just recently reunited with (if only by phone), is gone?

It’s just not gonna be easy.


12 comments on “No Easy Way

  1. Oh Becky, I’m so sorry that you have to be the bearer of bad news……death is not an easy subject…….but something we all have to deal with.

    That is a really neat idea for your dogs. We have almost the same thing…..but I still have to take mine out because I don’t have a doggie door and the doggie yard is off of my back porch… does have a large deck……oh, what we wouldn’t do for our babies.

    Love you, girl.

  2. I hope your brother is doing well! I didn’t relize he was in the hospital too. When you do tell him just remind him of the blessing he and your cousin had by being able to talk just before. (my family came together for a very unplanned event when my sister & family came in from Dallas-we all were together that weekend and it was very rare for all of us to be there…the following Tuesday my grandfather a young 72 died, we were sooo blessed to have all been with him! priceless)

  3. I know how being the bearer of bad news can be. I’ll certainly be thinking and praying for both of you.

    On a more happy note…… the pic of stretch stuck. You remember the one I’m talking about? That will make you and everybody else lol!

    luv ya

  4. What a load you’ve got on your shoulders! Hopefully your brother will be comforted by the thought that he did talk to his cousin one last time-since they hadn’t spoken in a while before that. I’m praying for you both.

    Love the doggie ramp-my Ruby is little so I know how you have to give a helping hand to them sometimes.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. Loss is hard no matter the circumstances.

    I had to tell my neighbor that his son had died. My neighbor’s wife was with the son. She called me and had me go over and tell him. His health wasn’t such that he could make the trip to be with them. It’s a very hard thing to do.

    My prayer is that you will find the right words to tell your brother of the loss.

  6. The things we do for our beloved furry ones!! It looks like a good set-up now though:)
    I am sorry to hear about your cousin and I have every confidence you will deliver the news to your brother in the best way possible.

  7. Good luck with telling your brother the sad news. Did they ever figure out just what happened to your brother?

    I would say your doggies have a pretty nice home for you to go to all the time and work to make things easier for them. Although in the long run it is also making it easier on yourself, not having to take him out on a leash.

    Good night

  8. That is SO cute! You gotta love those low-rider doxies. I need to get some of those doggie stairs for my 15 yo doxie girl….right now I just pick her up and put her wherever she wants to be. =)

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I am sure it makes it even more difficult when you then have to be the one to pass on such sad news to other members of your family.

    I think that is just great you went to the effort to make the steps more accessible for your dog. That says a lot of good things about you!

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