Normally, when I take a walk around the farm, I show you all the pretty things or changes taking place around here.

This time, I’ll show you a few of the unusual things I run across.

Well, you know how I love my trees.  But I am always amazed at how these trees grow crooked. And wonder what it was that caused the crooked growth.


And then this tree twisted as it grew, causing a little kind of shelter. I wonder how many little critters have taken shelter here over the years?


And the roots of one tree decided it wanted to protect the older root of this tree.


The woodpeckers really go to town on the threes around here.


I thought this little bud was interesting.


Here’s another like the one above, just as it’s beginning to open up.


And this is the most unusual thing I’ve seen on the farm this year.


I found three of these growing in different spots on two cedar trees.

It looks like something that should be growing on the bottom of the sea.

Like maybe an anemone.

It’s bigger than a golfball, but smaller than a baseball.

I call it a farmone. (farm + anemone)

Anyone know what it is?

13 comments on “Farmone

  1. Cool pictures Becky, love walking around the farm with you. I myself have wondered how trees do what they do. What shock caused they to change or twist and turn. I have a tree back here I will send to you and you will did that happen just like the ones on your farm.I don’t know what that is, I will ask my Mom to take a look tomorrow if somebody doesn’t come up with what it is before then.

  2. Becky: You are so much smarter then I would ever believe finding that famous NC Tree Cow Egg. They only grow at Easter time when the famous NC Easter Cow lays them. They are so rare and the thought of you having two just astounds me. It won’t be long until they weigh the branch down to the ground and you will have two more baby calves running around. Watch out, they have extra special seeing ability and will see you coming from miles away. I hope they haven’t imprinted on you then they will always want to be close to you.

  3. Hey Becky, nice post……and I’ve never seen anything like that before…..hope someone knows what it is….interesting.

    By the way, thanks for your nice comment….and… gals come on and let me see who I’m blogging with….can’t be as bad as my photo. I hope I stick with it until next Easter.

  4. I don’t know what that is Becky. It’s pretty, but in case it’s a fungus of some type, I’d take a picture of it and show it to your county extension agent. They’re real helpful in Jackson County, my husband is always calling them with questions.

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