Mother Nature Moved On

Last weekend was just beautiful.

I actually wore shorts all day Sunday. Which, if you know me, the weather has to be atleast 75F for me to wear shorts.

Yeah, I stay cold.

A lot.

All the sounds and smells of spring are so refreshing after being cooped up in the house all winter.

Outside, my wisteria were in full bloom.


The whipoorwill was singing on several nights. Which is one of my favorite sounds. But I was really surprised to hear it so early in the year.

And while driving I ran across a mayapple patch.


Sorry about the picture quality.

The first time I seen this, I was driving. The next day, The Captain was driving and I caught a picture as we drove by.

I haven’t seen mayapple since I left West Virginia, almost 20 years ago.

Around here the frogs sing year round. But only on the warmer winter nights. When it’s real cold, we don’t hear them. But they are singing loud and clear now.

Wednesday morning I awoke to a hard freeze. Very disappointing.

This is what my wisteria looks like now.


This picture was taken in the same spot as the above picture.

And this little honey bee was busy trying desperately to find a meal.



And I have been wanting to show you this picture I took last week as storms moved in the area.


This picture is straight out of the camera. No touch up whatsoever.

Actually, most of my pictures are straight out of the camera.

I figured this was just as good a place as any to stick this picture in.

 One of the things you learn, living in the country, is to watch the animals.

They have an instinct that we don’t have.

When the sky was looking like this, my horses were acting very nervous.

Heads up, ears up, running in herd from one place to another.

I was constantly watching them and the sky.

But soon, they calmed and the skies cleared.

Thankfully, Mother Nature moved on.


9 comments on “Mother Nature Moved On

  1. Woah! That sky looks awesome. I don’t ever do any touchups to my pics either…I know they don’t always look very good, but hey, I’m doing good just to take the time to even get them on there! 🙂

  2. Oh Becky, it did get your wisteria…but I think it will come back. They say this is the last but who knows. But girlfriend get ready the weather is fixinto’ (lol) get really bad again, us, helen you… got to hunker down again. How are your herbs doing?

    The sky looks like there is a fire somewhere. I am like you my pictures are the way they are taken, I never touch, crop, fill, or super fine them at all. What would be the point…? Wouldn’t be real then! Sorry about the plants but I believe they will recover to a degree!

  3. Oh Becky! Those pics of the bee on the flowers are outstanding! You must have a really good camera. You are like me…..I love to take pic of nature and wildlife. We are planning a vacation at Cabwaylingo in Wayne county in a couple of weeks. We go every spring and trout fish. I always take pics of wild flowers and whatever I find interesting. Will post some when we get back.

  4. Great photo of the storm coming in. We had tornado warnings go off several times on Sunday evening. Thank goodness nothing set down. Today it is finally warming up a little, it’s around 59 but that air still has quite a chill to it.

  5. Don’t know which I like better-the storm clouds or the bees-both awesome photos! Sorry about the wisteria-don’t think the hard freeze got any of my stuff-thank goodness. I hope it’s gone for good! I don’t want to cover up everything again.

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