Team Fencepost Request – Interview 6

There are so many of you out there in cyberspace I consider my friend.

I love you all dearly.

The comments you leave make me smile.

I look forward to visiting with you.

On your street, in your town, wherever you are.

This interview question for you is…

If you could invite a fellow blogger to supper, who would you invite?

Who would you ask to sit a spell and drink a cold glass of sweet tea or fresh squeezed lemonade?

I have thought long and hard on this one.

And I can’t decide on just one person.

It would cause my brain to overload. Things would be going through my head at warp speed.

I’d ask her, because she’s so sweet…

Or him, cause he”s so funny….

Or her….

Or her….

Or him….


See what I mean?


I decided that rather than decide on one person.

I would invite you ALL!


We’d have a shindig, here on the farm.

With a bonfire and food and critters and music and….




there I go again.


So tell me, who would you like to sit down at suppertime and chat with?


9 comments on “Team Fencepost Request – Interview 6

  1. I am right there with you Becky, I had found some wonderful people on line and enjoy reading about their live and love it when they visit my lil boring life.

    I would love to have a central bloggers convention-LOL where everybody could meet.

    I don’t want to step on any toes so my peeps I would like to meet are all my followers on my blog.
    These would be on the top of the list, YOU, Helen, Pearl, Braja, Lilly and many others 🙂

  2. Now, Becky, how can you ask us to do something that even you can’t do? That is a very hard question. But, I sure would hope that you would invite me to your farm . . . that sounds like so much fun. I’m not much of an entertainer myself, and I don’t have a big place . . . but I sure would want to invite you. We could sit out by the pond and watch the fish . . . and we do have a fire pit . . . I love sitting out with a fire in the evenings when the weather permits. I have made a few friends since I’ve been blogging . . . and you are certainly one of them . . . not only do I enjoy your blog, I truly enjoy our emails. Another close friend I’ve made is Denise over at Samaritan Women. She has been so good for me and is such a sweet person.

    God bless your sweet heart, my friend.

  3. Becky-like you I’d like to meet many of my bloggy buddies in real life. And you know-I’ve already invited you to come to the mountains!! And someday I am for sure we will meet in person-whether it’s at your place, mine, or some where in the middle!!

    I hope you’ve had a good day!

  4. I’m like the rest, I couldn’t pick just one. But, Becky, you would surely be one of them. I’ve found many good friends since I started blogging last September.

  5. Becky: There are actually two that come to mind beside you my friend. I would have to say Tipper because of the neat times I’ve had at her site and Michele from BC and her fight with Epilipsy.

    There a couple who you don’t know and they would be Pietro from Turin, Italy and Gina from Tsmania. I hope you invite them.

  6. I can’t wait for the party at your farm! It sounds like a blast!
    I do have one blogger that I get to do these things with once in awhile & she is my sisteer Paula. We do enjoy those times.
    The other person I would like to hang out with is you Becky. I think we would get allong very well.

  7. Goodness!!…no way could I pick one!! But you would surely be on my VIP list!! I have made so many “virtual” friends and even met some from here in Australia. If I won a large tattslotto I would pay for everyone to meet on a nice cruiseship somewhere and we could all talk non stop while we sailed the high seas:)

  8. I think we ought to all meet up at your place… I’ll bring the chips and buns. You, Tipper, Dar, and, of course, Nola would have to come over, and Michelle, and M.E. and Hallie and Kim-D and BK and… and… and….

    I just overloaded.


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