Tweets and Peeps

We stopped in Tractor Supply the other day to pick up some horse feed and tires for my little cart.

And look what they had….


They were so cute.

I heard their little tweets and peeps when I walked in the door.

You know that was the first place I headed.


I told you before, that I planned on getting chickens.

But first I had to get a chicken house. Someone gave me a chicken house but we have been unable to get it moved.

Someone stole the darn thing while they were on vacation a month or so ago. Darn it!


So now I am back to planning on building a chicken house.

I’d love to have some of these little ducklings too,


but we have no ponds here, only puddles. And that’s if we get rain.

I’d like to have a pond, with a fountain in the middle for circulation. It would attract all kinds of wildlife.

When we first moved to the farm, my Father-in-law told my daughter she would be digging him a fish pond.

Bought her a shovel and everything.

Now she’s grown with kids of her own and he never got his fish pond.

Maybe he can talk a Grandkid into digging it.

It’s an ongoing joke.

I don’t think he’ll ever get that fish pond.


14 comments on “Tweets and Peeps

  1. Dang I wish I could get some of those ducks for our pond. We can’t find any around here! Those chickens are so cute. I remember as a kid getting chickens in bright colors for easter. I love lil ducks too. Awe !!

  2. I love little chicks, they are so cute! We have lots of water around where we live. A creek and a pond across the way! We have ducks and geese to look at all the time.

  3. Yes, Becky, they are so, so cute. That’s a funny story about the fish pond, too. Sometimes the only way we can get what we want, is to do it ourselves. Maybe you’ll have to build your own chicken house. I believe that if we want something bad enough, that we will either get it (if it’s God’s will), or He will take the “I want it bad” away from us. Then, I have found that when we accept not getting what we want as God’s will . . . He will surprise us unexpectedly by giving it to us. He is a good God.

  4. I want me some chicklets… I planted trees where I’m going to make my chicken yard and coop so’s when it gets hot there will be some shady places for the chickens, but I need to get my coop built, too.

    Fun post.

  5. Those are cute critters and that was an interesting story. It reminds me of something that happened here….We have a retention pond that backs up to our back yard and we see ducks and other birds pretty often. A few years back one particular duck was hanging around pretty often. Next thing I know she was sitting on the mulch in our flower bed just a few feet from our front door. Then we started to see eggs. She sat there day after day and soon there were 13 of them. I got in the habit of checking on her every day when I got home from work and one day they were hatching. I actually got some video of one chick busting out of an egg. Cool stuff for sure. We watched them grow, and the chicks would eat bread out of my hand. She would lead them down to the water and they followed her in a line. Really cute. I’m not sure how many of them survived, but it was not many. The turtles in the lake tend to get to the chicks pretty easy especially when they are small. That part was sad but I really enjoyed how cute those baby ducks were.

  6. I love baby chickens and ducks! One of my dreams is to have chickens (and goats). One I had a chicken house, but my parents wouldn’t let me have chickens. Since I have never lived in a place with a chicken house, and out of my parents’ house, never a place it would be allowed. Farm fresh eggs… happiness!

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