Break For It

Why is it that we don’t have many memories from early childhood?

For most of us, those were the most happiest and carefree time in our lives.

Usually, the earliest memories are from a traumatic or a most exciting event, like a holiday.

And we can’t remember the rest.

Pardon me, I’m just pondering one of the mysteries of life.

For me, I think the earliest memory I have is when I was about 2 or 3 years old.

We had company over and everyone was in the kitchen.

Except me.

I was in the livingroom admiring our parakeet.

He/she was green and yellow and “talked” a lot.

I wasn’t afraid of the bird. Actually, I was exactly the opposite. It was a pet and that’s just exactly what I wanted to do. “Pet” it.

I’m sure that bird was more intelligent than I was at that age, having been around maybe a whole 6 months.

And I’m sure that as I stood there admiring his beauty and wanting to get a little closer, that bird was thinking…

“This just might be my lucky break. I’ll woo her with my tweets, and fly to the side of the cage acting as if I WANT to be petted. And as soon as she opens that door, I break for it.”

And that is exactly what happened. As soon as I opened the cage and stuck my hand in, the bird flew out.

And of course, it flew around and around the livingroom and landed in a spot on the fireplace mantle that was too high for my two foot height to reach.

I can remember looking at the bird. Then looking for something to climb on, which I didn’t find. The only thing left to do was to admit what I had done and have Dad rescue the wayward parakeet. Which he did.

I remember my Dad as being a patient person, even from that time on. He only caught the bird, put it back in its cage, and then explained why I should never do that again.

I imagine that bird was a little upset that I went and got Dad, instead of opening the front door for it to fly to its freedom and join the rest of the feathered creatures just outside that door.

How about you? What is your earliest memory?

I would love to hear about it!



Close Your Eyes

Let’s go outside and listen to all the sounds around the farm.

I hear birds all around me chirping and tweeting.


But across the pasture, I hear a strange sound. I think it’s a bird. It’s sound is similar to a squeaky toy. I hear the occasionaly “squak” coming from somewhere over there.


And while I’m here, I hear the snorting of the horses, the stomping of a foot or a swish of a tail to shoo away an annoying fly.


In there, lives a small woodland creature that scurries when I come near.


I know he’s there, but it always startles me when I hear the swish of the dry leaves as he hurries away.

A lawnmower humming along as my brother-in-law cuts grass.


My dogs as they play or yell at me to pay attention to them.


As the eldest of them all watches from her perch on their new sun deck.


And something I could live without are the cars and trucks that drive by on the two-lane highway, over there.


Next time you’re outside…

Close your eyes and listen.

Listen to all the sounds that make up your world.

And enjoy!

As I enjoy all the sounds around the farm.

Well, except for that highway thing.

Monday Report Week 2

I promised to give you updated reports on how my garden is growing.

Instead of boring you with a daily report, I’ll only give you a weekly report.

See……..that’s not so bad.

On friday, my green onions and green beans were popping through, reaching for the sun.



By Sunday these were busting through.



Summer squash


One of my pepper plants gave up the ghost.


My green bean sprout gained a few more leaves.


And look at this mistake I made.


Instead of planting my cucumbers in the row I made for them, I planted them in the green onion row that had already been planted.

I didn’t even realize it until they began to break through the earth.

I think I’ll leave them there and save the empty row for something else or maybe a late cucumber planting.

Guess I didn’t have things as under control as I thought I did.

Or maybe somebody is trying to tell me something.

What do you think?

Anybody ever planted green onions and cucumbers in the same row?