Spring – Old and New

So far, my peaches are safe from freezes.



The red buds are done budding and now opening up.


The local hay fields are growing by leaps and bounds.


My herbs are still herbing.


 Although, this one is looking spindly. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to look. I’ll let it keep on and see what happens.


The oldtimers say that when the pecan trees bud, that winter is over.

Guess what?


Yep, winter is over! YAY! We’ll see how much truth there is to the oldtimer’s predictions.

I will tell you that, I trust them more and more every year.

And, look what I bought.


A blueberry bush.


I can’t wait to taste a fresh blueberry.

Wonder if they’ll produce this year?

Any bets?


9 comments on “Spring – Old and New

  1. Wow, I’m envious that you have pecan trees. Good luck with the blueberry bush. I have three. Don’t know if you’ll have any berries this year or not. Maybe a few.

  2. Your pictures are just AMAZING!! Such pretty close ups! Your things are a little ahead of ours-but most things here are budded out. I hope you get some blueberries this year-maybe you will!

  3. I hope the tale is right! I am soo tired of all this warm and cold weather. Let me know about those blue berries. Maybe we can try to make muffins w/ fresh blueberries or somethin.

  4. The only problem we have with budding trees proclaiming the advent of spring is that we sometimes have what is called a ‘false spring’ . It allows all kinds of things to bud and some to bloom, then we get hit with ice and snow.

    It really hurts the peach crop in SE Missouri sometimes.

  5. Your herbs are doing great, but they’ll need a bigger pot or to be thinned VERY soon. I planted some strawberries and lavender in tiny pots (from Target) right before Valentine’s day. They have grown, but nothing like your herbs. Maybe if there were heat in my house…

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