Team Fencepost Request – Location

The crew here at Team Fencepost want to know where you are from.

As you know I am from South Carolina, USA.

Not close to the beach or the mountains. But right in the middle.

If you stop in, leave a comment telling me where you live.

Our goal is all of the 50 states and any other country.

So take a minute and leave a comment telling us where you are!

 As of  May 4, 2009, I have received hello’s from 30 states, Canada and Australia.

Thank you, everyone who has and is participating!


61 comments on “Team Fencepost Request – Location

  1. Cool beans Becky! I am from Gulfport, Mississippi, and I am about a mile from the beach. The coast line is lined with casinos. However I have spent almost 12 years in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. So maybe I can count as two…LOL

  2. Hey Becky, you also know that I’m from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia . . . just north of Charleston, up a little hollow called Tate Hollow.

    Good luck with your request.

  3. I’m in Lake City, Arkansas. The northeast corner. I can get to MO in about 20 minutes and Tennessee in about an hour. Lake City is near Jonesboro, home of Arkansas State University.

  4. me me me, I am in Arizona. And let me tell you we are getting wind today! Blech, What a great idea, I hope you get all the states.Oh and of course Canada, lots of my blog friends live in Canada lol

  5. I’m in teeny tiny Hope, Indiana. Plunked down in the middle of lots of corn and bean fields. Go Hoosiers! (they actually stunk this year, but I still love them)

  6. Oooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…

    And fixing to blow in 4-8 inches of snow where I live in central Oklahoma and up to 2 feet in the panhandle and northwest Oklahoma.

    We have both blizzard and thunderstorm warnings in the state today.


  7. well, rats, you already got a Missouri. we’re south of Kansas City, in a rural area.

    (it’s raining/sleeting like crazy here, too, by the way–i think can both forget the garden for a few days!)

  8. Hey Twisted F!

    So appreciate you and your comments over at my place. Thank you most kindly.

    I am near Fresno, California. I love this idea. I’ve been thinking about it myself. Trying to get a least one follower from all 50 states. I think that would be so cool! You beat me to it but I’m gonna be right on your heels. lol

    Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


  9. Hi Becky…you know me….the Australian that asks you questions all the time about what your American terms mean!! 🙂 I live in Tasmania, the island state of Australia…..the one right down the bottom!!!!

  10. Hi Becky, I live in Illinois about an hour and 45 southwest of the windy city. We live out in the country about 8 miles from the nearest town!

  11. Hi There,
    I’m in Jacksonville, Florida. I am near the coast, about 35 miles south of the Florida – Georgia border. Just stopped by after I saw your comment on my friend Ken Conger’s blog.
    Have a good day.

  12. OHIO. You can sit on a BUCKEYE but you can’t sit on a BRIAR. My mom’s favorite saying. I was born here so it is like being born into a family of Catholics or a family of Jews — not likely to change religions — I will probably always be a BUCKEYE.

  13. Great idea Becky. Just catching up with my bloggy friends after being gone for a while. I’m in Springfield Oregon in the Willamette Valley. Lots of green, rain, trees and mountains. Only about an hour and a half from the coast.

  14. Hi from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. A prairie province between Alberta and Manitoba. “Land of the Living Skies”.

  15. I am in Santa Fe, Texas, been here since 1950. Came directly from the buckeye state of Ohio at the age of 12. Good luck with your venture.

  16. HALLOOO from the Northern Oregon Coast. I’m in Astoria, right at the mouth of the Columbia River and I can see across the river to Washington State from my office window!

  17. Hi Becky! I’m from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan…Sugar Island to be exact! Just downriver from the Soo Locks. We’re surrounded by water! We have a waterfront home with a gorgeous view of the Canadian Laurentian Mountains.

  18. You know me . . . Tennessee. But if you need Kentucky, I can fulfill that too (I can spit into Kentucky – it’s that close). As for countries, South Africa is where I was born and raised (and where I visit my cousins). Is that enough variety for one person?

  19. Hey Becky,

    I’m a transplanted Californian, now living in Victoria Au.
    And wishing I were home.
    I see by some of the commenters, that my friends have been holding out on me – and they never told me about you!
    Shame on you Robynn!

  20. Washington. I thought I might be the first but nope… the second. I’ll see if I can get my family to stop by from Utah and possibly Idaho, didn’t see any from there. This is fun!

  21. Greetings, interesting pictures on your walks, I live in Idaho Falls Idaho United States. I wish you well.

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