Herb Garden

This time of year makes me want to get my hands dirty.


I bought this kit last year, half price, but never got around to opening it, much less planting.


I have never had good luck with planting herbs.

So, we’ll see how this planting adventure goes.


They’ve always turned out spindly. Never filled out. And died quickly. Or never sprouted to begin with.

But I didn’t try planting them indores. Always outside in the garden.

And who knows, maybe I thought they were a weed and pulled them out.


After unboxing everything…

First you put these round compressed potting soil discs in a bucket and add water.


Then you let them sit and soak up the water.


And while they are soaking, you get everything else prepared.

Clay pots that came with the kit…


Seeds and markers…


I added the amount of water specified in the directions and it wasn’t enough, so I added more.

It actually took twice the amount of water as directed.

Then fluff it with a fork.


And I have herbs planted.


Cilantro, thyme, chives, curled parsley and sweet basil.

One of the suggestions in the directions was not to over water the seeds. It could cause the seeds to rot.

They suggested spraying them with water, as opposed to actual watering.

And let me tell you, it works well.

I don’t actually use all these herbs while cooking.

No better time than the present to learn to use them in something.

Now I have to go find recipes that use these fresh herbs.

Any suggestions? 

17 comments on “Herb Garden

  1. Cool Beans can’t wait for the out come, I know YOU will be taking pictures for us. Looks like fun too. My sister does this too, they cook with all of the herbs. So I do look forward to your pictures of the growing and also of You cooking with ALL of them 🙂

  2. I grow all these herbs in a planter box on the deck. It’s so great to go out and snip them fresh. I cook with all of them. I use the basil in so many things from pasta dishes to basting sauce for fish. My favorite is a salad with those wonderful summer tomatoes, fresh mozzerella and basil. Yum!

  3. That is such a neat project. I don’t do much herb cooking either, but it is something to think about doing. I’m sure there are lots of suggestions on the web. Herbs can spice up plain dishes and make them more appetizing. That would be a good idea for me to do since I have been trying to eat right and lose weight and get healthy. Good luck to you and your little herb pots.

  4. I don’t have a kitchen window and the dining room window at the opposite end is a bay window which would be perfect – uh, except for the cat!
    Looks like you’re off to a great start.

  5. I know I could find a recipe Iove for each herb listed. Which ones do you usually not use?

    I think you’ll have to put them in bigger pots or plant in the ground, though. I do well indoors for a while, but then the pots just do not support them to grow.

    I LOVE how the thing looks, though!

  6. oh, Becky, very fun! i love the herbs–our chives are coming up, the sage is greening up again, and the mint is thinking about it. basil and rosemary are my favorites, but they don’t winter over here.


  7. Okay. I don’t have any suggestions for recipes. I have a suggestion for me….. Next time I’m invited for dinner, I will bring my own fork! lol

  8. If it is not salt, pepper or garlic salt, I don’t have a clue. I do love to watch Iron Chef, though, and I keep thinkin’ it will rub off on me, but so far… If it doesn’t require a can opener, I rarely “cook” it.

    So’s you know I’m keeping it real… on my post today I meant to hit shift for a capital letter and I hit enter instead and Blogger did… but I went back and edited with what I wanted to say.

    Duh… the addled brain syndrome strikes again.


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