Team Fencepost Request – Spring Story

I began this blog last spring. In March. Just like it is now.

The faithful readers of Twisted Fencepost know how much I love spring and all it has to offer.

They also know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.

And last Halloween I requested that all my teammates, and anyone else who wanted to join in, join me in a reader participation Halloween story.

We had a lot of fun adding to and checking in everyday to add to this story.

So, in honor of my favorite time of year, I am requesting another reader participation story.

Think spring, all things new, vegetable and flower gardens…

Whatever comes  to mind when you think of spring.


Get those creative thoughts together and let’s get started.

I’ll start and end just like before.

You fill in the rest in the comments section.

And remember keep it nice. Anything inappropriate will be deleted.

Also, in memory of our 10 year old rabbit, Fumper, who passed away last Fall, I’ll begin this tale from a rabbits point of view.

So, here’s the beginning of Spring Story 2009.

One bright, sunny spring morning, a rabbit and her five babies were hopping along, minding their own business when…

Your turn!

Let’s have some spring fun!

Oh, and here’s a picture just to get you started…


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