Quiet Stroll

Here’s a few more spring in South Carolina pictures.

I’ll just be quiet while you enjoy your stroll. Only identifying what you are seeing.

Wisteria buds….


Red bud trees budding….



I have no idea what this tree is, I just liked the buds…..


Here’s a birdnest in the “I have no idea tree”….




Hickory tree buds….


Snowball bush…..


Bradford Pear…..


And the grand finale….




A work of art….




Wasn’t that pleasant?

I hope you enjoyed the quiet stroll.

It don’t happen often…

Just ask The Captain.



16 comments on “Quiet Stroll

  1. I love the strolls you guys need to go strolling more 🙂 The pictures are great, spring is around the corner. I just love daffodilis, I just put my plant in the ground. They smell wonderful.

  2. Very, very nice stroll. I have lots of daffodils too. I don’t know how you made that picture, but it is so, so awesome! I just might take a stroll around my yard . . . if it will just stop sprinkling rain. I’m hoping tomorrow’s weather will be a better. I’m so ready for spring.

  3. That daffodil picture made me *gasp*! Beautiful! We took a walk around the neighborhood today and saw so many beautiful things blooming (we live in FL so stuff blooms early here). I LOVE this time of the year!

  4. Yes I loved loved the stroll!! Neat pic of the hostas picking through. And the daffodil collage is so pretty!! Mine are almost blooming but not yet.

  5. I sure enjoy strolling with you all. I’m hoping to do a walk for you. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am enjoying yours. It just seems like life has been interfering with my intentions here lately.

    But thanks a bunch for sharing yours with us.


  6. Which doesn’t happen too often? The stroll, or the quietness?

    I love the redbuds. There are almost NONE here. I miss the years when they are so loaded blooms cover the trunks.

  7. Your wisteria is way ahead of mine although the hickory buds are about the same.
    I love the blurred background of the Bradford pear and your daffodil collage is beautiful!
    Lovely stroll!

  8. Thanks for sharing. Nice relaxing stroll. We don’t have anything blooming yet. Been very busy lately, it seems it’s late afternoon before I can get on the computer, because of doing other things. Then I don’t anymore and get on then it’s time to meet the bus and start supper/dinner. More later.

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