Talking Turkey

One day in February, I went to investigare why my dogs were barking like mad.

Looking out the window I discovered what had their attention. Several wild turkeys were lazily grazing in my pasture. Paying no mind to the horses or the barking dogs.

I grabbed my camera and ran out the door, getting the attention of the turkeys, who immediately ran for cover.


I vowed next time to move a little slower in order to get pictures to share with you.

The turkeys have taken up residence on this farm, for now.

The next time the dogs went mad barking, I grabbed my camera and ran out the other side of the house.

Creeped around the corner and slowly made my way toward the pasture.

If you had been a spectator to this I can only imagine how you would have giggled.

The turkeys were there, heads down, pecking.


I would take a couple of steps, the turkey would hear me and their head would fly up. I stopped. Standing statue still.

The turkeys would look around for whatever may be making that sound. Satisfied that nothing was there, they would go back to pecking and scratching.

I would take a couple of steps, the turkey head would fly up and I would stop. This went on till I was all the way to the pasture fence.


Notice the three tom’s on the left. I think they were discussing what they were gonna do about that light that kept flashing their way.

Most days, around 10:00 am, you can see them scratching and pecking out in the pasture.

And this one…


If she weren’t so big, I’d swear she was a chicken by the way she took off when she caught wind of me.

They’re really rather interesting to watch and listen to.

But if one of them gets spooked they all run for cover, while the tom’s stand guard and then herd them further back into the woods.


11 comments on “Talking Turkey

  1. How cool is that. I had to wait one time at a 4 way stop up in the country for a single file line of wild Turkeys to cross the road (no joke) there had to be about 30 of them. It was too funny that they walked single filed.

  2. You may have an early Thanksgiving Day feast. Can Boo shoot one with his bow? Or wouldn’t you be able to clean it and eat it, since they are running wild on your place?

    When we use to sell supplies to Calligraphers, we would go to this turkey farm to see about feathers, that some calligraphers like to cut into quills for writing. Well for some reason when we went into this large barn, there were all these turkeys, and every time I said something they would all start to make that gobble sound at once, but if the men talked, they didn’t do it. I never did understand why, unless my voice was a higher pitch. Or perhaps they thought I was just an old turkey.

  3. I like to watch turkeys, too. There’s always flocks of them in the fields down the road from us. Flocks of turkeys and herds of deer, I never have my camera with me, tho.

  4. Oh yes this is the time of year that the turkey’s are out in huge groups. We have at least 30 wandering around our place right now. There is also another big group at our neighbors house and we have had to sit and wait in the car as they cross the road single file, just like Darsden. They are hilarious. Our turkeys are not skittish at all and just look dumbly at you when you try to chase them off. They poop everywhere……gah!

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