Walk Around The Farm, March 2009

On Monday, March 2nd. We awoke to a wonder winterland here on the farm.


The Captain…


and I…


donned our gloves, boots and hooded coats to take some pictures for you. Well, I forgot my gloves in my other coat.

No, it’s not like the big snows that appear up north, but still pretty none the less.

My tulips seem to fairing nicely with their frosty coat.


These are pecan trees on a neighboring farm. They wear their winter white quite well, I think.


The Ford antenna ball on my truck has a new hat.


I think the ice clinging to things is just as interesting.



Notice the ice encased tree bud. These early warm-ups and late freezes are what kills our peaches and early blooms.


And before we could go inside, we had to perform the “breaking of the ice”.


I hope you enjoyed another walk around the farm with me.


18 comments on “Walk Around The Farm, March 2009

  1. There is nothing much better than strolling around with you and seeing the contrast with winter and spring. Won’t be long until the new leaves come out, the blossoms on the fruit trees and the tulips bursting into all their glory. What a great time.


  2. Beautiful pictures!! Love the ones of the ice-you are getting to be an expert photographer!!! I’m glad you guys got to enjoy the snow-even though I didn’t get any 🙂

  3. Hey Becky, do we have another Shirley blogger? I don’t remember leaving a comment. . . . . I know my memory isn’t much good but was that me? Anyway, I will comment now or again, whichever. . . . I also so love your walks around the farm. Do you get tired of hearing that, since that is what I always say. . . . because I do love your walks around the farm.

  4. Oh, yes, I did enjoy the stroll with you. I love how such ordinary things can be made into something so beautiful by nature…but I guess it is all beautiful, depends upon how you look at it.

  5. A farm is beautiful, no matter how you look at it. You took nice pictures of the cold and snow. I bet it’s warm there today, it’s going to be high 70s here.

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