Unfit For Observation

Have you heard?

Now they’re called “Sprites”.

Read the rest of the story here…


Go ahead, read it, It’s not long. And then come back.

Well, what do ya think?



But it doesn’t explain that flying, hovering thing that followed along beside me on the interstate one night.

Yeah, the triangular shaped thing with three lights. One on each corner.

It followed along beside me for miles.

Then, after exiting the interstate, I pulled in for gas at the local Solo station and as I stood there feeling the gas pulse through the hose into my fuel tank…

It found me again.

It hovered in a clearing behind the Solo station. Watching me.

It really freaked me out. If a light beam had came out of that thing and headed in my direction…

I already had plans to dive under the car.

I never seen it again. I guess it performed some kind of mind examination scan and declared me unfit for observation.

Fine with me!

But you know, it forgot to do one of those flashy light things at me, like on the movie “Men in Black”.

Cause I remember it vividly. I still get a little uneasy thinking about it.

True story!


6 comments on “Unfit For Observation

  1. That would freak me out too being followed by something I don’t know what it is. I was watching the UFO chases last night and they had a story very similar to yours up in Maine. (but that couple lost a couple of hours)
    I don’t question the unexplained too much, don’t want any trouble from “them” LOL… but, I really have a hard time thinking we are alone…!

  2. My Mother won’t go out at night, and she won’t even look out her window after it gets dark, afraid she might see something she can’t explain. LOL

    Myself, I look, but have never seen anything I couldn’t explain. I use to see a lot of shooting stars while on my rural route paper route.

    Abe on the other hand believes and he’s always looking, I asked him what he would do if he saw something. I know what I would do, pee myself.

    There have been a lot of stories even way back with cave drawings so it makes you wonder, what is it?

  3. I agree with Rottlady….sprites might explain some …. but not all. I believe there are many, many things that we have no explanation or logic for….like UFO’s. I can’t see why there wouldn’t be any. I have seen one:)

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