Winter Scene – Part II

Okay, now that you’ve got all your materials and decided what your 3-D winter should look like…

Let’s start cutting them out.

Note: Remember to leave a tail at the bottom to stick down into the snow.

Like this…


 Or else you’ll have to stick part of your little picture down into the snow. You want them to be sitting on the snow.

Try to only cut out of the card what you need. In case you need the rest for another project.


Then stir up the snow with a small knife and add it to the container bottom. Trying to not get any on the sides.


Start adding your pictures in a 3-D effect. Large in back and smaller in front.



Leave the lid off and let dry.


When dry, add lid and display.

This is a really cute and inexpensive craft to give as a gift.


9 comments on “Winter Scene – Part II

  1. Good for you! What a nice gesture to pass along such comprehensive directions with excellent images on how to produce a great item or gift. Blue Skies.

  2. Hey, Becky love this idea…okay I am not “craftee” per say so could you tell me is that snow…sold as snow in the crafts or is that baking soda snow…LOL You know I post this yesterday on my post so my kids could do this for easter. I will send pictures if they do it and how it turns out. Thanks Becky 🙂

  3. I can remember one year, our kids for a school Christmas project, had to have baby food jars to make some sort of a Christmas scene. I think they added something along with some fake snow flakes of some sort and you could shake it like a snow globe.

    Yours looks nice, but you certainly would have to have a steady hand. I’ll stick to my crocheting and playing on the computer. LOL

  4. Uummm Becky, I saw the snow and read about it. so when I asked about the baking soda…I must have been cooking…LOL but, what you really need to know is ” I ride the short bus sometimes” sorry 😉

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