Saucy Sunday – Breakfast

It’s Sunday. So why not talk about breakfast food on Saucy Sunday.

Oh yeah, Happy Sunday!

Since being at home, I have been trying to get myself into better eating habits.

Better food and on a better schedule.

So some mornings, I have this…


Milk and boiled eggs. And yes, this is what I serve them to myself in.

Why have these pretty dishes and not use them? They sat in my Mother’s china cabinet for years, never to be used.

And some mornings, I have this…


Milk, toast and oatmeal.

I know the toast is not the best for me. But I have cut back from four to two slices.

It’s a start.

But then, there comes Sunday breakfasts. When I should be sticking to my “healthy food schedule”. And I don’t.

My Captain usually fixes Sunday breakfast. You can read about it here as I talk about one of the things that make me smile.

And occasionally, to the delight of my family and anyone else who may be here, usually a preteen friend of Boo who has stayed the night, I fix biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and bacon.

If you would like to see how I make my Sunday morning  drop biscuits, click here.

For another tutorial on how to make biscuits, check out The Cotton Wife’s instructions.

And she even shows you how to make gravy. It looks delicious.

In case your readin’ this Cotton Wife…

 Let me know when you’re making biscuits and gravy again. I’m coming for supper!

I LOVE breakfast for supper!

I haven’t had someone make biscuits and gravy for me in years. And it’s always better when someone else makes it!

So tell me, what do you have for breakfast?

I’m open to some new ideas.

13 comments on “Saucy Sunday – Breakfast

  1. This morning we had scrambled eggs (in a little bit ‘o bacon grease, of course!), bacon, toast and fried potatoes.

    The Cotton Husband’s sisters spent the night last night and those girls can EAT. I made almost a pound and a half of bacon!!

  2. I usually just have yogurt for breakfast, Yeah, I know it’s boring, but it’s quick. Sometimes I’ll have turkey link sausage and an egg on Sundays. Maybe once a month. When you don’t cook for a family, breakfast is usually forgotten.

  3. Personally I’ll eat anything that doesn’t attack me first. LOL Usually I have a bowl of Wheaties, or several slices of toast and a cup of hot cocoa. Sometimes on Sundays I’ll make pancakes from scratch. I usually fix Abe a hard fried egg and several pieces of bacon, or a sausage pattie. He’s been trying to cut back on bread. He loves fried mush with soft fried eggs laying on top and he mushes it all together. Looks gross, but he says it’s delicious. Of course the best thing is a chocolate doughnut.

  4. We usually have sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast on Saturdays, but we hand it today instead. Most days I have oatmeal and toast. And some mornings my son wants blueberry pancakes. I’ll make just about anything they want.

  5. What time is breakfast? I love gravy. My mom used to call me her gravy baby. When we would have chip beef gravy for supper, instead of saving room for dessert, I would go spoon gravy on my plate and eat it with a spoon. THAT was dessert for me.


  6. I hate breakfast. (Do you still like me?) I honestly do. The ideal for me is some fantastically yummy leftover from dinner. That is not always available, so I go through phases of what I am tolerating. At the moment it is frozen waffles wtih whipped cream cheese and jam on them. When stop coughing enough to ride my bike again, I will be doing something that sticks with me better like SlimFast (only because it sticks with me) or a sandwich.

  7. the only time we have a breakfast is on weekends. Usually I just grab a yogurt and run on weekdays. If I was closer you could come and I would make you biscuits and gravy. We love them and it is one of our favorite breakfast meals.

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