Team Fencepost Request – Interview 4

Happy Saturday, Team Fencepost!

Time for interview question #4.

Who inspired you to blog?

I know you didn’t just wake up one day and decide to design and maintain a blog.

Am I right?

I know I didn’t.

When I first heard of blogs, I thought they were a waste of time.

Okay, you can smack me now!

I thought they were all about weight loss and exersize and news and….well you get the drift.

Then one day while researching my genealogy, I ran across a blog from my home state, in an area very familiar to me.

I clicked on page after page after page… I was addicted.

She wrote of things and places I was familiar with. And I got to thinking maybe I could do this too.

That blog was Chickens In The Road, the author was Suzanne Mcminn.

From there I found Kasey and her midwestern flair had me looking through a camera lens in a different way.

Then on to Tipper. Reading her blog was almost like looking into a mirror of my own life.

Then, The Pioneer Woman. Her life on the prairie was different and interesting, but the same in other ways.

I could go on and on with the various blogs. Each one with something different, something inspirational and something familiar.

So many blogs, with such diversity and all with amazing pictures and narrations and written straight from the heart of each author.

For several months I lurked in the shadows and absorbed information, then researched until I eventually landed here on Twisted Fencepost.

I’d like to tell you that one person could take the credit for inspiring me. But I cannot.

In all honesty, you could say it is that diversity that inspires the writing here on Twisted Fencepost.

Now, I’ve told you that it was more than one author who inspired the birth of this blog.

You tell me….

Who inspired you to blog?

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17 comments on “Team Fencepost Request – Interview 4

  1. Hey Becky, I think I’ve answered this in one of my other comments. It was my sister, Janet from Writing in the Blackberry Patch. I was recently retired and bored and depressed and needed something to bring me out of it. She was into blogging and told me about it. I told her that I didn’t know what to blog about, but she kept encouraging me to do it anyway and I did. I don’t post daily but I visit daily. I have found some good “blogger friends” and love keeping up with them. You are probably thinking that I have more time than most and should be able to post daily……..well, I just can’t think of things to post about……however, I am beginning to get some ideas in my head and may attempt to be more faithful at posting. It is addicting, but a good addiction.

  2. My writing friends Granny Sue and Cheryl had a blog. And at our meetings I would listen to them talk about them. Every now and then I would visit theirs and look around. Well after listening to them say how easy it was and that I should start one, I clicked onto Create Blog one day and found out they were right, it was easy. That happened last Sept.

  3. I don’t remember how I first learned about blogs…I was surfing the web one day and must have stumbled across one that got my attention. I was terrible at scrap booking, so I thought that blogging would be a great way to preserve our memories for our children to look back on someday.
    Some days I’ve got lots of great stuff to blog about and some days are just plain old boring days, but that’s what so great about it. My kids will be able to look back some day and see what life was really like as they were growing up. I love it!
    Not to mention all of the great friends I’ve made from all over the U.S. along the way!

  4. I have a best friend Derfina (34 years so far) she started blogging just for something to do. So, of course I started reading. Then the comments started coming in on her blog and I started getting involved with making comments back on the comments. Then I click on Braja (fell in love by the first post) then Pearl, Lilly, Reddirt, then this name Twisted Fenchpost caught my eye and here I sit to reply…LOL good question!

  5. My inspiration was our son, Ryan. He was in Iraq serving his first tour and sent us a link to his blog. It was the first blog I’d ever read or even really heard of. (I’m usually a bit behind times!). It intrigued me that we could keep in touch with him this way and one day I started clicking on that little “next blog” button up in the top corner….a lot of garbage and then some really good blogs. I was hooked.

  6. I wanted to keep a weight loss journal of sorts……I was just surfing and came across a weight loss blog kept by someone. Then, like Paula, I started clicking the next blog button. Then I went to “make your own blog” and had a play around in there looking at everything.
    I still haven’t quite mastered the art of all you can do in your blog. I would really love to know how to put a video on my blog. Can anyone help me with step by step instructions? I took one with my camera….but it won’t load onto my blog!
    Sorry to highjack your blog with a question!! lol Anyhoooo…..I have always loved writing and humerous writing….so I was hooked!! Then I started finding my “favourites” by clicking on the names of people that commented. Sometimes it was that person or sometimes it was someone I found in their favourites…but over time I have found some fantastic bloggers who I place in my blogroll on my blog. Now, I am totally addicted to blogging and feel deprived if I haven’t been online at least once a day!!

  7. Becky: What a neat story of your start. I started by reading my ex-son-in-law’s blog. He and my daughter were having trouble but I really like him. I tried to help him through the time but nothing worked out for them. Hi blog was This Is Not My Blog so when I started mine I named it This Is My Blog to be forever linked. My blog has changed over the almost 300 posts and is truly a photographic blog at this time.

  8. My younger sister told me I should blog, that I would probably love it. So I signed up with Blogger and started reading blogs.

    Pioneer Woman has had a HUGE influence on me also.

  9. Glad someone else was honest first! I, too, thought blogs were silly. Someone told me that I needed a blog linked to my website. Long story short, I am enjoying blogging, and connecting with a world of great friends! Silly or not, LOL!!!!

  10. When I first heard about blogging it was from my friend and roomie, Carol, a.k.a. Missy. Her niece is Ree over at Pioneer Woman. Now, when Ree was growing up, she was sooo funny. She could, and still can, imitate people and really gets into her stories as she’s telling them, much like she still does. Knowing her sense of humor I started reading her blog back not long after she had started writing. I really enjoyed reading her and seeing her photos, but still had no idea that I might enjoy doing this blogging thing. One day, reading the comments on Ree’s post, something Hallie over at WWOW said caught my eye and I clicked on her name and started reading her blog. I was hooked. I figured if this person could be funny and irreverent on a daily basis and be as enjoyable to me and others, then maybe, just maybe I could do this blogging thing, too. So I’ll put the blame on Hallie for leading me down the path to temptation to put myself out there.

    That’s all there was to it. I found out I could be me and it was okay.

  11. I forgot to tell you… I cut my girl’s hair. They don’t shed and I keep them trimmed up. Every now and then I get them trimmed up professionally. But I usually do it myself to save a little money. When I just had Chloe I took her to get clipped every month to six weeks. When I decided to get another mini-schnauzer I decided to learn how to clip them myself. I could handle $25 for Chloe, but $50 for two of them for me being on limited income was a bit steep except for every now and then… so to answer your question, yes, they need haircuts and I usually do it myself.

  12. My sister Paula inspired me to start a blog. I had no idea what a blog was untill she started one. I enjoyed reading hers for over a year befor I got brave enough to start my own. Now I love bloging & can’t imagine life with out it!

  13. I don’t think anybody inspired me to start my blog particularly. I’ve mentioned in an earlier question that I wanted to start one for my classroom students and couldn’t because it wasn’t policy. I wanted to inspire them.
    When I retired a blog seemed a good way to use some writing skills and that’s why I started. A high school teacher once told me my contributions in her creative writing class “were more extensive than you know.” So, I had some idea that maybe I could write.
    Blogging began that way but along came Sky Watch, Ruby Tuesday and now a host of other memes to find photos to fit the themes and I was hooked and writing took a backseat. Recently in searching my blog looking for something I posted I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to go back to that type of format but knew I would also miss all the photo work. So, I’ve been inspired by some fellow bloggers (Kerri,EG,Jan, and others) to start another blog for photos only. I’m only an amateur but they also inspire me to learn and do better. How long can I do two blogs and will people read both? I don’t know. Inspiration has struck me though and I’ll see where it takes me!

  14. I actually started writing a blog for my family when my daughter was first diagnosed with brain cancer. As more and more people contacted me with their stories on web sites it just kept me going. Following her death I switched to blogging for my grandchildren then my sisters and I. I finally made my own because I felt like there was more I wanted to say. Now I don’t know. I guess I have been inspired by all kinds of people.

  15. My first introduction to the blog world was from Dana at Old Red Barn Co. Like you I was just amazed at it all-and at the same time thought hey I could do this too. But I’ve been inspired along the way by many blogs-including yours! Twisted Fence Post definitely rocks!!!!

    Thank you for the shout out!!

  16. I can’t believe I missed this post! Better late than never, I guess. Thanks for the mention. I do enjoy blogging. I was really fun reading how everyone got into blogging.

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