Waterhose Phobia

No, I’m not afraid of waterhoses.

Unless they start hissing and slithering. Then I have a serious problem.

A few years ago, I bought an automatic waterer for my dogs.

The first problem I ran into was the spigot for the water hose was on one side of the house and my fenced in dog yard was on the other side of the house.

Rather than run a water hose all the way around the house to the waterer, I decided to go under the house. This would help with not having a problem with the water hose freezing in the winter.

I had everything figured out. Or atleast I thought I did.

Remember when I told you how claustrophobic I am?

Well, I had to physically take the hose under the house and back out the other side. And it was going well until I ran into some leftover ductwork lying under the house.

In the winter time, snakes are hibernating and not something I have to worry about.

This was NOT winter time.

The ductwork was lying on the ground, under the house, right in the middle of the path that my water hose needed to go.

It was dark, damp and creepy under there. And I just knew if I lifted that ductwork to move it out of my way , I would regret it.

Remember, it’s not the tight space that gets me, it’s the NOT BEING ABLE TO ESCAPE that worries me.

Can you see me under the house with three foot of crawlspace trying to out run a six foot snake, on my hands and knees?

Without giving myself a concussion from the floor of the house? 😯

Yeah, me neither.

Although, I did hear you giggle when you visualized it.

Not funny!

So I tried to go in from one side of the house and throw the hose over the duct work.

Do you know how hard it is to throw a water hose?

With three feet of crawl space?

 While backing up on hands and knees?

Just in case I disturbed a sleeping snake.

My plans were to throw the hose as far as possible over the ductwork, then go back from the other side and pull it through.

I couldn’t throw the water hose to a COMFORTABLE distance away from the ductwork.

And there was no alternate route.

I tried this method from both sides to no avail.

By now, I am tired of crawling around under the house. And wishing I could get it done, so I could go take a shower and wash off the spider webs and dirt and who knows what else I had gotten into under the house.

Who know what kind of creepy crawlies were in my hair that I couldn’t see.

I threw the water hose as far as possible and I went and got a wire clothes hanger, straightened it out, put a hook on the end, grabbed the water hose and pulled it through.

No, I didn’t run into a snake. But I did see a snake skin shed, about four feet long, under there.

Proof that they were, or atleast had been, there.

And it was probably taking a nap underneath that ductwork.



18 comments on “Waterhose Phobia

  1. Tee hee….yes, I’m laughing. Sorry I just couldn’t help it. The image in my mind of you under the house was just more than I could bear.

    I would have been doing just the same as you, I’m not afraid, just a cautious women.

    I’m glad you got it done with out seeing a live snake, and hopefully you won’t have to do that again!

  2. You are braver than me too!!! There is no way I would have gone under that house. I had a claustrophobic attack in the drive through carwash one day!!! I couldn’t jump out or I would have been beaten to death by the cleaning sponge thingies!!
    Good idea though…running the hose under the house so no freeze up in winter…..

  3. No way would I crawl under the house because of spiders and bugs. Spiders freak me out , but the most horrifying thing to me is the dreaded Palmetto Bug. A merciful God would not want a roach that big to fly, so I’m pretty sure Satan made it.

  4. Yes, that was me giggling, You are much braver than me. I wouldn’t crawled under there in the first place. I would have been the one digging around in stead of cutting through Spiders & Snakes..hey that sounds like a song, 🙂

  5. No way would I have went into the crawl space!! I wouldn’t have cared as much about the snakes-as the mice and spiders. You are a brave determined WOMAN : ) And now I know who to call if I ever have to crawl under a house!

  6. I would probably have run the hose around the house rather than take a chance of bumping into a snake under there.
    My little Dashhound got bit by a rattler last Summer. It was horrible.

  7. I must say you are the first person I have ever heard of having a waterhose phobia…….very interesting…….and a tad funny….sorry!!

    Gill in Canada

  8. Hip, hip hooray, you got it done. I wouldn’t have crawled under there for anything. I hate tight spots. I would probably have tried to find something to tape to the hose to make it stiff and then push it under far enough that I could hook it from the other side like you did. And no I didn’t chuckle, until I got to the part where you said:
    Although, I did hear you giggle when you visualized it. Not funny!Yes, then I laughed, sorry!

    I don’t know much about wordpress, can you add a photo to a comment?

  9. I don’t like not being able to get out, either. Or not being able to throw because there isn’t enough space. I think a snakeskin would have shaken me up more than the actual snake. I’m weird like that.

  10. Sounds like you really had a time with that water hose. I leave all those type of jobs to my hubby. Your description does paint a funny picture. Glad you made it out OK.

  11. Yep, that creates a funny picture, especially since it was you and not me. What a brave girl you are! I probably would have whined to my hubby until he did it for me~

  12. My mom who lived most of her life in Darke County Ohio moved to Texas where they have rattlesnakes aplenty. And one day, the husband went to the bathroom, set down, and saw a big rattlesnake watching him. He yelled for mother to come and she did, armed with a big hammer, and she killed the snake. Then she also killed one that had somehow crawling up the side of the house and was going in a hole that was left open for some reason and she killed that.

    I have a phobia about snakes and I thought she did too but maybe she got used to rattlesnakes.

    I was wondering how you were able to do that and I guess it was worth it to get the hose to the dogs. Short of calling a plumber.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln’s Blog

  13. Good job! There was a time when I would have braved under the house, but it’s long gone now. I would rescue a child and that would be pushing it!! Funny story!

  14. We have a lot of blacksnakes…but that’s ok because they kill mice. I can deal with that – until they come into my house and hide in my fax machine. That’s not so great!

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